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FAA fines AA's American Eagle $900K for tarmac delay

In the first penalty of its kind, the Transportation Department fined American Eagle $900,000 today for lengthy tarmac delays when thunderstorms swept Chicago's O'Hare International Airport on May 29. "We put the tarmac rule in place to protect passengers, and we take any violation very seriously," Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in announcing the fine. "We will work to ensure that airlines and airports coordinate their resources and plans to avoid keeping… ( 기타...

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And who will pay the fine? Surely the airline wouldn't dare to increase fares to cover their loss!
The proposal to have part of the fine paid back to the affected passengers seems a fair idea. It's still a loss to the airline though, and they will recover it somehow, through new fees, increased fares or reduced services. The customers will be the losers again.
I wasn't there but it sounds like that outbound flights should never have boarded and ground stop issued for other inbounds. As far as where the the fines go, is it better for them to go to the PAX if and when they are ever assessed and collected or is it better to leave them as they are and the Airline offering amenities immediately as Eagle did. And yes, they will find someway to recover their costs.
It's for sure will not come out of the bonus pool. Hope this doesn't spark "just in case" cancellations. There is also way too much of that going on already.
1 hour airport newton
Next the government will want to start fining airlines for cancelled flights.
and they should.
Canceling flights... Are you kidding me... I work Maint Control for a regional airline. I have a plane down at an out station due to a lightning strike that did severe damage to the a/c and it in my opinion is not safe for a ferry flight, much less revenue service... Then have to pay a fine for the cancelation, or we have severe weather at a station, the planes cannot make it in our out... I guess you are among the few who believe in suicide because that is what it would be. There will always be cancellations, and if it is due to weather or maintenance, I will never apologize... My first priorty is a Safe Airplane, My next priorty is a Legal Airplane. You getting to your destination is not in my list of Priorties. That is someone elses job. If you really want to go, maybe we can chose your crash site and have the crash teams waiting to scrape you.
The Federal Government's solution to a problem always ends up hurting those they intend to help.

Ronald Reagan said: The ten most dangerous words in the English language are "Hi, I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."
Exactly.... Words never spoken better. Who is going to pay those fines... Not the airlines.... They will front the money and you will pay for it in the Ticket Price.
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As it should be, after all its now the law.
So I wonder when the passengers should expect their checks from the government?!?

While (probably) good intentioned, this is nothing but another money grab from an already out-of-control federal government that continues to increasingly find new and creative ways to reach into your pocket. As with everything else, it will all just trickle down to you and me sooner or later.
So I wonder when the passengers should expect their checks from the Feds?!? LOL!!

While probably good intentioned when it was proposed, this legislation is another in a long trail of money grabs from from Washington who is desperate to finds sources of revenue whenever and wherever it can. Every branch of government from the top to the bottom has their hands in your pocket. They need your money folks!! It's all soft tyranny.


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