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NASA Offers Astronaut Candidate Job Posting

My favorite line: "Frequent travel may be required" ( 기타...

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A BS and ability to fit into the Soyuz capsule.... That's it? The pay sucks too! Looks much more appealing in the movies. Corvettes, hot women, etc.... I'll stick with the Hollywood version thank you very much.
Travel? Ya THINK?
Entry level pay is $60,743 to $71,780.

If I could afford it, I'd pay that to be an astronaut, too. :-)
Must enjoy travelling in circles. Perfect job for an (ex)navy pilot.
Don't the AF pilots circle the same amounts?
indy2001 0
If I were younger (and 2" shorter), I'd be completing this application right now. Hopefully, the US will soon awaken from its slumber and realize the rest of the world is passing us in space. Instead of the Russians, it will be our "friends" -- the Chinese or even the Indians -- that will be our rivals. Whoever it is, I'd want to be on the front lines of the American human spaceflight program.


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