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Accidental VTOL Takeoff Video

Gelendzhik, Russia, about a month ago - The aircraft was secured with ropes, but it just wanted to fly... ( 기타...

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reminds me of the timeI flew into buffalo with a 70 mph headwind I came down like a elevator and coasted backwards few feet till I put on the brakes
Beeskip 0
Now that's what I call a headwind!!!
Very Windy day. Looks like he didnt secure the Tail feathers down.
the propeller was NOT running it was just a windy daay
Wow, I have seen some lift off the ground but the ropes kept them "flying" in place. This, not so good, especially for owner.
Surely this website has a path logged for this flight?
I didn't see any ropes, looks like it was only chalked and the elevator was full up. That was an expensive mistake.
I seen the ropes, have to look really hard. I think they were using kite string. Still not very smart.
Don't think there were any ropes the way it lifted off. All ropes would've have had to break or become untied at exactly the same time if there were any.
Make the movie full screen, you'll see them. Not very big rope, still not sure why the elevator is locked in the up position.
Looks like this plane didn't have "gust locks"? They probably used the seat belt to "hold" the yoke in place, which was a normal way to do it if you didn't have a yoke pin in the shaft.
Yos233 0
Was the propeller moving at all? It looks like it was just a windy day. A VERY windy day!


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