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Construction workers pull two from fiery plane crash near Lakeland

This would be the South Lakeland Airport (X49) in Mulberry, FL. "POLK COUNTY -- A pilot and a co-pilot were pulled from a fiery plane crash by a group of construction workers south of Lakeland on Saturday afternoon. According to Brian Lacey with Polk County Fire Rescue, plane crashed just after 11:30 a.m. near Hwy. 60 and Coronet Road in the Willow Oaks area of Lakeland. Officials said the plane was taking off from a small south Lakeland airstrip when it went down just a quarter of a mile… ( 기타...

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More info from The Ledger:
the "co-pilot" was said to me to be in pain and such, i was txting his GF earlier, and if i had asked to go out to lunch, that kid might have been me. hes my friend and im glad he survived
I wish them both well and a full recovery.
oh, as a BTW- they were not pulled from the plane, they got out on their own power... and as of last night my friend was in alot of pain, but recovering


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