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Lufthansa flight makes dramatic landing in 149km/h Calgary windstorm

Passengers and crew on this Lufthansa flight found out the hard way just how strong Calgary’s windstorm was on Sunday afternoon. The Airbus A340-300 was buffeted by 149km/h gusts while attempting to land at Calgary International Airport. The wild weekend weather in Calgary broke windows, downed power lines and ripped roofs from houses. ( 기타...

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Wow, I wonder if there were any other flights going in to CYYC.
Brave Pilots indeed
linbb 0
Looks like a very good crosswind landing by pros without any problems no big deal for those who are good pilots.
Brave pilots? These Airbuses are fly by wire. Question, did the computer land the plane? Since the two front seats had a birds eye view, one could imagine brown streaks!!


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