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Reporters & fans track wrong plane via FlightAware

But something funny did happen in Lawrence late Sunday night. Because the local reporters probably did what pretty much every crazed fan following a team's coaching search does, some unsuspecting family ran into a swarm of cameras at the airport. In all likelihood those who showed up to the airport checked FlightAware. ( More...

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Richard Judy 0
I'm glad that everyone involved got a good laugh out of this...thanks for posting!
Stephen Brown 0
They fly in style!!
porterjet 0
I had that happen years ago. Showed up at the old Butler Aviation at SFO in a limo with the passenger. About a dozen fence huggers who were about 100 feet down the fence taking pictures thought we were Elvis Presley. I think two of them set a world record running towards us while the gate was opening.
I'm surprised something like this this didn't happen at KOSU during the Urban Meyer nonsense
mark tufts 0
i agree with you richard as i bet that family was somewhat surprised


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