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Audio: Recording of Last Continental Flight to Newark

Audio of last Continental flight flying into Newark, Its nice to hear the controllers talking to the pilots with great respect. ( 기타...

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As noted in the recordings, "It could be worse. You could be Acey."
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The radio call sign is derived from the company’s formal name, Atlantic Southeast Airlines. The acronym developed from blending the initialisms *A*tlnatic *S*outh*E*ast (ASE), pronounced “A-cey.” The company, at different times, had been independent, owned by Delta, sold by Delta, sub-contracted by Delta, and now subsumed into ExpressJet Airlines. (Additions or corrections are welcome!)

A related issue: Company call signs on Flight Aware formerly had been revealed on flight number mouse-overs. Where are they now (if at all), or did I miss something? Could it be that owners/mergers/callsigns change so rapidly it is impossible to keep up?
Where are you not seeing the mouseovers work? It just worked for me on an airport page.
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@D Baker: For example, KELM enroute/scheduled
FLight ASQ 4495 CRJ7 from DTW

Perhaps I did not make myself clear that I meant the *radio* call sign.
Mouseover on the “ASQ4995” tag used to include the “Acey” (in quotes) radio call sign.
The link to the individual flight page also does not anywhere inform of the “Acey” radio
call sign. . . . or am I experiencing early-onset dementia?
I was always wondered how they got Acey. Good to know. Not to mention SkyWest Inc. is the parent company of Atlantic Southeast. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think they are now the biggest regional airline in the world.
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or air alibaba
Would've been nice if the last flight was to end right here in it's hometown airport KIAH.
The Continental callsign will be missed.
see ya later continental, it was nice havin' ya! :(
Well, maybe Continental will be back. It has done it before. Wasn't the last Continental really the old Texas International that bought the name?
Do you have to register to get the recording? I'm not seeing any links or anything for it on that page.
Sorry, saved a copy here:
it should've of been continental's name and united colors
By the way, the new name is "Unimental"
UAL just robbed COA of their name...Continental will be missed..
By the way, the new name is "Unimental"
calbert 0
I will miss Continental as I liked that call and there name better.
The Proud Bird with the Brass A** once stood for quality!!
I first flew in the sixties on Continental from California to Texas with my brother, almost every summer. The first time i was 6 years old, we were always given wings and allowed in the cockpit, and Captain always walked thru the cabin once. My brother and I were treated like gold, and along the way as young boys feel in love with some beautiful stewardesses (SP?) Anyhow those days are long gone, thanks Continental your legacy will live on at United as you teach them real customer service!
The captain, and fell in love, still never proof read :)
I'm delighted so many people have enjoyed the audio clip I posted!
Mr. Varney's two airlines.... United at last.


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