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No complacency for this SIA pilot despite A380's advanced features

Every one remembers their first - first day at school, first love, first job. And so it is no surprise that Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot Captain (Capt) Ignatius Khoo remembers his first solo flight with unwavering clarity after 17 years. The Beechcraft F33A Bonanza with a single propeller aircraft with retractable landing gear was the plane he was tasked to fly alone, he recalled in an interview with The Straits Times Online. It appeared that one of the three landing gears had not been… ( 기타...

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Toby Sharp 0
Sure Does Wayne
Great story!
Look Wayne, an A380 again. Those pesky folks at Airbus strike again.
Although the little 152, 172, 182, or Arrow that I rent does not have quite that much power ;), I feel exactly the same way when I depart as Capt Khoo described when he departs in his A380!
preacher1 0
that's a good
It would be very cool to BE this guy, he is one lucky rascal. Having said that, notice that this piece was likely written by the SIA PR department and supplied to the Straits Times. Why do I say that? Look at the messaging. Capt. Khoo is a professional who can actually fly and not just ride his computer. He is a good looking, likeable fellow. The aircraft has myriad backup systems to its automation but its automation is top notch. And that's all fine except.... no mention anywhere of an exploding engine that takes out a spar and numerous systems. No mention of the fleet grounded for extended period or investigations by Rolls-Royce. No, never happened. It doesn't appear in any of the backup stories either, the ones in the right margin. Don't get me wrong, this is actually good management by SIA and is likely part of the long term PR plan established to reassure potential passengers after the near disaster. If this had been a real news story no journalist, none, could have left out at least a few words alluding to these events. Having spent a great deal of time in Asia doing business (and having the square butt to prove it) I can say this is normal reaction by "leadership" in loss-of-face situations. It just didn't happen, let's just forget about it. Singapore Incorporated is just like Japan Incorporated or China Incorporated in this regard. If Tokyo Electric could get away with it that is how they would handle their little problem too, that is, if you heard about it at all.
preacher1 0
It is a good story and he is a top notch pilot and in the Oriental world, his status, by his position and personal acheivement is W-A-A-Y up there. It is a compliment to him that he has remembered how to FLY THE PLANE and use the automation to his advantage, not let it become primary and relying on it.

In a SIA story, other than aircraft type, there syhould be no reference to what happened on another airline. The RR engine failure was on a QANTAS flight and it was the QANTAS fleet that was grounded!!
I think that's Larry's point. He's saying this article is SIA PR with SIA spin. He may well be right.

That doesn't detract from Capt. Khoo's status. SIA no doubt highlights him for the reasons stated in Larry's post, but also because he truly is what they say he is. That's perfect PR!
u are the man Capt Khoo
Certainly no wish to take anything away from Capt. Khoo, good on him and I admire the lucky stiff. SIA's 380's were indeed initially grounded (New York Times, CS Monitor and many others) until the preliminary investigation was completed (the other airlines did not as far as I know). Recall also that SIA had already had a much less dramatic engine failure/shutdown incident. But that's really wasn't my point. My comment was simply about what SIA is doing here which is papering over the negative info and what the level of "journalism" is. Like it or not many Asians are quite superstitious and it is absolutely necessary to define and continue to reinforce a positive image for the 380 to combat any drift toward the 380 being seen as a "bad luck bird". This is no trivial matter and just good business by SIA but shows poor checkbook "journalism" by the Straits Times IMHO.
Pileits 0
Larry, exactly right. The story is all about public relations on SIA's part covering over the negative aspects of the A380.
I will say however the A380 has the very same fatal flaw that ALL Airbus airliners share and that is that damn side stick that appears to have been the cause of that Air France Airbus crashing into the Atlantic last year. And YES I have several thousand hours in the left seat of a smaller Airbus piece of junk airliner.
I was never so happy to get back into a Boeing after leaving the Airbus!
Yes, at least two terrible vulnerabilities with that kind of pilot interface - you can't "sense" (watch) what the autopilot is doing by just being generally aware of moving control columns or, like the AF crash, you don't have immediate knowledge of what the other pilot is doing with his stick without a simple interconnect. I have more, but related, concerns about AF and some others, including the gold standard Lufthansa, doing ab initio training programs that uses kids off the street with zero hours to turn out pilots who don't know ...much.. and are taught to rely too heavily on the electronics. Our US airline heritage of having a lot of ex-military pilots and large scale regionals and, comparatively speaking, very large scale general aviation, has kept us from making that mistake in the pilot population so far but the risk of going down that path grows with every glittering new aircraft generation as well as every additional Airbus bought. Grrrr
preacher1 0
Sounds like a man that knows how to fly the plane and while the automation is there, he has used it to his advantage, not let it overwhelm him. Wish there were more like him.
Surely there are thousands like him--one of the reasons that there is no safer way to travel than on most of the world's airlines.
preacher1 0
You are surely correct. I guess the only one's we hear about are the ones that have a
Hiya Wayne..always a pleasure reading your posts. Wish you a good 2012.
preacher1 0
Same to you my friend.


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