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(Video) Concorde-From the cockpit, Take-off and landing

Cockpit cams show crew at work taking off from Heathrow then landing at Washington DC, Clips courtesy BBC show Holiday Air 1989 ( 기타...

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Facinating. Here's to hoping we haven't seen the last of supersonic high altitude passenger flight. Nice video.
Wow. It would me interesting to see what the cockpit and panel would look like if they built one today.
At one time, there was a plan to update the cockpit. It would have been a state of the art glass cockpit but both Air France and BA decided against it because the cost was high and it would offer no advantage over what was already there. The crews were quite happy with the instrumentation that was present. The only real advantage they could find would have been to automate some of the functions handled by the flight engineer and reduce the weight of the aircraft a bit. In the end, the cost benefit ratio fell on the side of leaving it alone.
Awesome video, very nice!
Con Levenduski
Fantastic and amazing. This was and is the ultimate in commercial aviation. The Concord is a beautiful bird.
Thanks for showing this
love reheat................
Very cool. Thanks Dan.
What a awesome video. Got any more like it?
Einfach genial und Super dieses Cockpit!
c était le plus beau des avions idée de 1965 pour l époque quel génie
oowmmr 0
Those old instruments make the cockpit seem barbaric. Quite the aircraft.
Repacing the dual yokes with liltle joysticks was the fundamental mistake in all future new designs from Toulouse.
Way cool. An idea before it's time, I think. Finance , like flying can't be too close to the margins.
It's just beautiful and fantastic, like flying into the future and making it from New York to England in just 3 hours almost the time it takes from Miami International to Aruba. Really feel sorry to see the Concorde go and have seen it only one time in Aruba and to see it flying and passing over head made my hair stand up. Fascinating.
Je trouve que cet avion a rassemblé les prouesses technologiques en termes de structure et d'avionique et aussi en terme de performances. Belle réussite et félicitations aux acteurs d'Aérosptiale. Airbus peut être fière d'avoir cet ancêtre dans son histoire.
Je trouve que cet avion rassemble les prouesses technologiques en termes de structure et d'avionique et aussi en termes de performances. Belle Réussite et félicitations aux Acteurs d'Aérosptiale. Airbus peut être de fière d'avoir cet ancêtre dans son histoire de famille. Aux jeux olympiques d'aviation, il aurait eu la médaille d'or!!
The Concorde just left me with no words and one time she made a pass over the Pr. Beatrix Airport in Aruba and the thundering sound and the beauty of it made my hair rise and it was just amazing. It's like a plane from the future and already flying now. Regretfully I was never able to try it out and flew several CV880's, stretched DC8's, Super Conney 4 engines, CV 340, DC-9's two types and those were unforgettable times of the past although we had several times, troubled flights but it was a real experience you will never forget. Just hope they might make another Commercial Aircraft like the Concorde which seemed to me very amazing. Also loved the Blue Angels and just hope to see them back one more time in Aruba before I go to the Happy Hunting Ground as I'm already into the 70's. All in all it was one exciting plane either cockpit, cabin or structure and it still fascinates me.


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