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Extreme flight enthusiast's homemade cockpit.

German man enjoys bird's eye view of the world from comfort of his basement ( 기타...

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Check out the cockpit that I built last year.
Cool video but I just think in 15 years and with $20K you could come up with something better than that. The best part of his setup is the screen; that'd be cool to use. Cockpit is too confined, panels look off, flight stick is on the wrong side (for an Airbus left seat anyway) and I didn't see a throttle unit.
Actually I was impressed that he did it for so cheap! I'm guessing the throttle is on the left side, opposite his right hand joystick.

I'm always impressed when flying my full motion A320 simulator at how realistic it is, esp. for CAT III landings, engine fires and failures, etc. And the graphics are so impressive, I can tell which airport I'm at--LAX, SEA, etc., for example!
Or you could just buy this one which is a scaled down version of there full 737NG sim. Minus the movement it duplicates the 737 systems very well. Only cost 6K.
Now that is what I'm talking about. Thanks!
7-8K for the whole thing
Impressive. Far better than what I have.
On the same topic, check out:
Note: it is an ad for a pc company but the simulator is worth a look...
Can you imagine the business he could have selling that sim? Folks who can afford them would buy in a heartbeat.
He did say it was just like flying a real plane but I didn't see what kind of hydraulics set up he had. I'll have to more research into this thing. I am definitely intrigued.

p.s. He should have put that side stick on the left side.
With a screen that big sending the perception of flight and movment it would be almost as affective as a hydraulic system. Not to mention the cost of this sim compared to a full motion sim is pennys on the dollar.
How about get a plane and a license haha. It'll take you a lot less than 15 years..
A plane and a license would have cost him a lot more than 20K. Besides, if he crashes this. He can go have a beer after.
Love your thinking Robert! :)
Forget after, he could drink the beer while flying...
A Beer Meister in every Garage and a Flight Simulator in every basement is my campaign slogan when I run for office! :)
Yes! Smartest thing I've heard yet.
Thank you Elizabeth! You shall be part of my ticket! together we shall rule the world! Or North Chicago....which ever comes first! lol
OK, but we have to include a BBQ on every patio.
BBQ grills and baby back ribs are IN...FlightAware software for everyone too! Rack those ribs and track them flights! Oh and while your up, could you get me another beer, please? :)
The Kegerator is right next to you.
zennermd 0
What a wonderful life it would be.

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You're right. That is pretty cool. But geez, 15 years to build the thing? That guy is way more patient than me.
f16 and b737 had a deformed baby.
zennermd 0
What do you think the resulting combination would be called or look like? Kind of interesting to think about.
I suspect somewhere around year two of this project...... his wife left him.
How do you know she isn't in aviation?
I have a friend here in Portsmouth, ohio that has one something like this, really cool.
Super cool!
Klasse Idee und Arbeit, gefällt mir sehr. Gruß aus Göttingen
that's nice and cool.
Youre own cocpit at home

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? Was this supposed to be a reply? LOL
very beautiful indeed, I will try in my house with data show and dark room. see what difference it may make?
wow he really has a NICE SET up in his basement. he spent alot for a project, but it is worth it. i always wanted to get MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR, there ie no FREE simulators anywhere.....
Got to order this baby today-free shipping maybe I am stoked.


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