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Like the SWA attendants say, "If you have to have a smoke, grab a lawn chair and step out onto the wing."
sparkie624 0
LOL, I like that. I had forgotten about that.
Jim Quinn 0
How stupid of this passenger. Imagine being solely responsible for interrupting trip plans for 100+ others just because you had to have a cigarette! I'm surprised another passenger didn't challenge the perpetrator by pouring water on his head or something....
Gene Nowak 0
Maybe the courts should start fining all these idiots the costs for diverting, including fuel, additional A/C hours, etc.
I like it! Pay each pax for 2 hours of their time too.
The weather in Houston was horrible yesterday. Most afternoon and evening flights were delayed several hours. I wonder if this guy spent a long time in the smokeless terminal before getting on the flight. Not that it is an excuse, but it could have been a contributing factor.
Smokem in court!!!
sparkie624 0
LOL, I saw this along time ago, except it was with Cigar. F/A put out the Cigar with a Fire Extinguisher. Plane Landed, Passenger removed from a/c and taken and charged by the police.
proof once again that they don't check anyone's IQ before selling a ticket. What an idiot.Throw the book at him in court and put him on the no-fly list
I wonder over and over what I would do if a passenger would become unruly on one of my flights. It's easy to say I'd take control and take him down, but not being very large and now somewhat aging, although I don't look it, I think I'd have to be agressive and rally support to use some force to subdue the shmuck. Whatever fine or penalty he gets at the end of the day a good solid whack on the head with a fire extinguisher would be more effective to make him think about ever acting out on a plane again.


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