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Boeing expects delamination issue to slow 787 deliveries in the near term

Boeing expects the inspection and repair of 787s affected by composite delamination due to improper longeron shimming to slow near-term deliveries, but is unlikely to change its full year delivery forecast. "We don't think it will impact deliveries for the year, it will slow things down initially though," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Jim Albaugh at a dual 747-8F and 777F delivery to Korean Air Cargo in Everett, Washington 6 February. ( 기타...

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This and most news reports didn't properly explain what was involved and how it happened. Here's the report from Composites World with the full explanation:

eport: Carbon fiber delamination discovered on some 787 Dreamliners
Flightglobal reports that improper shimming between longerons and fuselage skin in the aft section of the 787 fuselage could lead to delamination. Boeing is inspecting and repairing all aircraft.

| Posted on: 2/7/2012
Source: Composites World
Aerospace news group Flightglobal reported on Feb. 5 that The Boeing Co. (Everett, Wash., USA) has initiated inspection and repair of its 787 fleet after structural stiffeners were found to be improperly joined to the composite skin in the aft sections of the aircraft, causing parts of the aircraft's carbon fiber structure to delaminate.

The report says that at least three airframes were affected: Airplane 56, for All Nippon Airways, where the problem was first discovered, and Airplanes 57 and 58, the first two aircraft for Qatar Airways.

The stiffeners, or longerons, that run along the length of the aircraft are delaminating around the rear opening of the Section 48 section above and below the cutout known as the "bird's mouth" that holds the horizontal stabiliser. According to the report, Boeing says the issue is a "straightforward repair" and poses no "short-term safety concern."

Boeing is conducting inspections on the already built 787s and those waiting to be assembled, at least 50 airframes, in Everett and its North Charleston, S.C., USA, facilities.

The report says the problem, identified around Jan. 24, was traced to assembly of the aft fuselage by Boeing South Carolina, Formerly Vought Aircraft Industries, where Sections 47 and 48 are fabricated and assembled before being delivered to final assembly lines in North Charleston or Everett.

Shims are used to fill gaps between longerons and the fuselage skin when natural variations in the fit of parts exists.
Sent Boeing an invention about this, HYBRID CARBON FIBER 2008
L'orientation large des composites va certainement laisser entrevoir des surprises vis à vis d'étendues de la délamination et de la problématique des solutions de réparation. Il y de belles journées de tracas à venir dans le domaine de la maintenance, de la disponibilité et des coûts associés.
Google says he said:

The broad orientation of composites will certainly hint at surprises towards the areas of delamination and the issue of repair solutions. There are beautiful days of hassle coming in the field of maintenance, availability and associated costs.
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