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Suspected drunk pilot kept off Frontier flight from Omaha

A Chautauqua Airlines pilot was kept off a flight in Omaha, Nebraska, Thursday morning after he failed a blood-alcohol test, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration said. The male pilot, whose identity was not released, was scheduled to fly Frontier Flight 1894 from Omaha to Milwaukee at 6 a.m., according to the airline. Both Chautauqua and Frontier are owned by Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. ( 기타...

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Although a pilot should NEVER do this, I could imagine it happening at a regional where the hours are long and the money is little.
LOL, Not surprised.
Let make one thing very clear just in case there is any confusion, this was NOT a Frontier pilot. It was a Chautauqua Airlines pilot, they are the regional that flies smaller jets on the shorter routes for Frontier. Of course nothing excuses any pilot for showing up in this condition, but I wanted to make sure the facts were straight.
Unless I have confused my regs with the ground-based DOT vs the FARs, I am pretty certain that 0.04 will get your certificate revoked automatically. It should be 0.02 BAC to remove someone from safety-sensitive duties temporarily (most carriers will fire the employee but the certificate is only suspended, pending SAP completion).
That flight was about 2 hours late...
Ill take a delay over safety any day! great job by the driver!
pfp217 1
I don't think the fact that it is a regional or a mainline airline make a difference. I am not a pro pilot (I just pretend in my Piper) but I have worked for both regionals and majors. Both pilot groups were very professional. Bad apples will appear in any facet, but the fact that this guy flew for CQ doesn't mean that there is some epidemic among regionals.
Never said there was an epidemic among regionals. It just isn't fair for the media to paint a picture of one airline when in fact it was an entirely different airline.
I don't know how these guys (and girls9 can be so stupid. Perhaps they are alcoholic and have to drink but the lack of professionalism and their cavalier attitudes are a black mark on aviation. This probably occurs a lot more than me know.
It was a good move to not allow the pilot to fly drunk.
Well, I guess there's a flight deck crew position available at Republic now.
Frontier seems to have a lot of problems with this.
Correction to last post: a Northwest Airlines pilot and the second to last line should read: we don't know the facts so give the guy a break.
Whoops. Reposted.
And hear I thought these forums were full of highly intelligent humans, but I guess after all you are only human. I say this because many of you judge this pilot by what the media has presented to you. In a way it makes me lose respect for you. I would like each and every one of you to read the book by a northward airline pilot called "flying drunk" and see if that might change your opinion on this situation. We don'tget know theif facts so giive the guy a break. It could happen to anyone.
It was a "Northwest" Flight Engineer that wrote "Flying Drunk." The Captain, Lyle P. in AA terms, wrote a chapter in the AA Big Book called, "Grounded."

There are significant differences in the accounts, but I'm pretty sure they all agree that it's not good to drink and fly (or at least get caught....) - you decide whith person is which...

It COULDN'T "happen to anyone." It happens to people who are addicted to alcohol or to drugs (usually prescribed by a willing Doc) as a coping mechinism. Or food, or sex or whatever.

I know, I never flew under the influence, but I'm a 10 year recovering Alcoholic pilot that has been to Rehab and continues to be active in the AA community.
The FAA limit is .04, every airline I know of sets the limit at .02.

ANYone that allows alcohol to interfere with their job or family needs to seriously consider if they are an alcoholic.

As they say, "Give us (AA) 30 days, if you don't like it, we'll refund your misery."


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