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Lanzarote 737 overran as first officer struggled to cope

Spanish investigators have found that an overbearing captain helped create the circumstances for an unstable approach, which led an Air Europa Boeing 737-800 to overrun at Lanzarote. The aircraft overflew the Runway 21 threshold at 55m (180ft) at 175kt (324km/h), with the flaps deployed at just 25° owing to automated flap-loading limitations. It travelled halfway along the runway - which was wet - before touching down some 1,300m beyond the threshold. While the brakes were applied immediately,… ( 기타...

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I really thought that all airlines were using C.R.M. during all phases of flight but without fail a full brief for pre-landing and pre-departure. The days of the first officer sitting back quiet while the captain flies the aircraft into the ground are supposed to be over. (***Anger Alert*** Captains flying aircraft into the ground were rare so do not throw me to the wolves)

Older pilots before my time (I have been flying 40 years) have told me as new Junior officers how many times they were told to sit back and shut up, if you happened to have come up from civil aviation or worse a real rookie the flights felt like they would never end. I do hope this airline grows up to new century and makes CRM mandatory.
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I think I flew with Capt Overbearing more then a few times in my career. There is no place for guys like that in a Cockpit.
No, but there sure were a bunch of them. Flying corporate, I didn't have to contend with it but you sure had them running around and mouthing, like their s%^& didn't stink and that they were God's gift to the world of aviation. As a young FO, after listening to a tirade of that BS one day, I told my Captain thjat I was glad he didn't treat me like that pompous a$% was bragging about. He said "Son, if I ever do, you tell me and I'll either apologize or resign".
What an idiot.. that Captain should never be able to fly again.... the F/O while doing his best, should have stood up and said NO!. At Minimum, he should have gone around with or without the captains support.
The FO should have stated "you have the aircraft", when the captain decided to change to an unplanned approach.
Used properly this can be very effective. I've done it once as an FO. I briefed and had a certain ILS set up in the FMS. The Captain turned around and programmed something entirely different in the box. When he was finished I simply stated "you have the aircraft". After a few minutes he said "ready to take the aircarft back". I said "no you continue the flight, you programmed something entirely different in the FMS from what I briefed, that must be what you want to fly so I have no problem with you continuing the flight". He sat there for a minute, apologized, reprogrammed the FMS to what it was and asked me to continue flying that leg.
After reading the article, I don't see where the captain was overbearing, I see where he should have taken the airplane or gone around, and discussed the new approach initially. A runway switch 30 miles out should be within our capabilities if terrain wasn't an issue, and it was vmc.
I am also wondering why the FO was programming the FMS, if he was the flying pilot.
Needle, ball, airspeed, stick and rudder!!!
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Wrong link, I get sent to an article about the A350
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Here's the correct link:
Sorry about that... copied url from the wrong tab! Doh!
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S'ok, the other article was interesting too ;)
Without the full report, it really doesn't say why he changed the approach or that he was that overbearing, but 3 things come to mind here; 1. He was the Captain and 2. at 30 miles out, I'm kinda like THRUSTT, what's the problem other than we seem to have forgotten how to fly the plane. 3. If the FO was for a fact PIC, when the Captain changed the approach, he should have just given him the aircraft.
There is a lot left unsaid here.


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