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Drunk Driver Leads Cops Down Philadelphia Runway

Did he file a flight plan to the county jail? ( 기타...

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Bob Ziehm 4
Second one in last 30 days, same airport. What's going on?
Guess they're still upset over the Eagles less than spectacular effort this year.
DashTrash 1
Welcome to Philly!
It's Philadelphia-what do you expect? Watch out st patricks day is coming up. I'd divert to Newark that day.
Hahaha. He probably called out V1, rotate thinking it'd take off. lol.
I love the newscaster’s quote "seconds from landing" yet the plane is never in view, the pilot never acknowledges seeing the target, or gets too concerned about the go around. Journalism 101, its not a news story unless someone dies or a group of people come close to death even if it requires a stretch of the truth.
Well, as soon as you take off, you are "just seconds" from landing. 3600 of them per hour :)
It is pronounced "Two-Seven Right" and its a runway... not a jetway.
Ben Lillie 2
Maybe he was hoping the car would takeoff :).
There was a similar incident back in the 1970s at St. Louis Lambert. Some drunk managed to get his car on the main runway (now 12R/30L - 11K ft). The police chased him from one end of the runway to the other a couple of times till they finally corner him. STL had to close during the fun and games on the runway.
Somehow, I get the feeling this will end up getting ripped on by Tanya Harding, Todd Bridges, and other C-list stars on an episode of "World's Dumbest Motorheads".
I wouldn't be surprised
Nice job Diane Sawyer. Ramp up the hyperbole and fear factor. She should be ashamed, but she has no shame. Just lots of $money$.
BGgym89 1
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Jeep on runway in Philly causes controllers to scramble

(CNN) -- A passenger jet was just seconds away from landing Thursday at Philadelphia International Airport when a Jeep broke through a chain-link fence and drove onto several runways, forcing a number of planes to circle the area, according to an air traffic controller familiar with the incident.
mark tufts 1
stupidity in the first degree and closing an airport for 1/2 hout to boot maybe he thought he could catch his flight that just departed
stol701 1
TSA makes us safer.
Toby Sharp 2
HA!.....good one!
Laws can’t stop the insane or temporarily insane. You must be prepared to react to the unexpected at all times.
DJA984 1
I really hope they don't crack down on traffic back there now in a knee jerk flawed logic reaction... There is some pretty decent spotting to be had back there, especially at the threshold of 9R when there is a low pressure zone coming in from the west - they use that runway to land... It's the closest to the road back there, and you are only like 1000ft from the threshold.. What a view, and the vortices cause mini tornadoes in the river right behind you... Really neat to see.
This doesn't happen every day, but it was bound to happened some day. Well, that day has come. unfortunately, there are somethings that you can not foresee or even prevent. Thank God the ATC saw it and was able to instruct the approaching a/c to abort the landing and go around.
pilot0987 1
The things people will do.
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Man Breaks Through Fence at PHL, Causes Brief Airport Closure

A man in a Jeep crashed through a fence at PHL causing a short airport closure
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

DUI Driver on Active at KPHL

High Speed Chase (VIDEO).. on the Runway .. The Philadelphia airport was closed Thursday morning after Kenneth Mazik, 24, drove his Jeep through a gate and onto the runway.
Fred Pruitt -1
Lets put concreat walls around airports that will keep the cars out and make sure everyone dies on an over run or maybe ARFF should have tanks and M16's. Looks like everyone did their job as they should and this was nothing but another media frenzy.
KingAirB200 -1
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Man Drives Jeep on to Philadelphia Airport Runway

A man broke through an airport fence, driving on to the main east-west runway
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Unauthorized Black Jeep on Runway in Philadelphia International

Video at link. A commuter jet was seconds from landing when a black jeep crashed through a gate and drove down the runway. No bomb was found in the car when the driver was apprehended.


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