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China 'bars Airbus deals' on tax

China has blocked purchases of Airbus planes by Chinese firms in reaction to a disputed European carbon tax, the head of Airbus's parent company, EADS, has said. EADS chief executive Louis Gallois says Airbus is being subjected to "retaliation measures" by China. The EU imposed a carbon tax on airlines which took effect on 1 January. China has not commented, and it is not clear whether it is official policy or a negotiating ploy, analysts say. "The Chinese government refuses… ( 기타...

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preacher1 6
Too bad the US hasn't got the gonads to do something like that.
Hopefully, would be European tourists will be the next to boycott this scheme and the higher ticket prices to be expected. How do the EU bureaucrats figure they can tax the airlines for emissions outside of EU airspace anyway!
The European Union's carbon tax is having a lot of unintended consequences. This stuff can cripple their already struggling economies.
preacher1 1
About right for a government bureaucrat not thinking past their own little world.
sparkie624 2
Next thing you know they will tax the air you breath, and then you will have to pay a Pass Gas fee to cover your expelled gases. these people are getting way out of line in taxes.... All I can say is Liberalism at its best.
To the EU: "Whats good for Peter is good for Paul" The Chinese are being smart.


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