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Several people reported injured after UAL1727 hits turbulence

Several people were reported injured on a United Airlines flight that encountered turbulence over Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Wednesday, said Lynn Lunsford of the Federal Aviation Administration ( 기타...

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indy2001 2
"In years past, the board has made recommendations over pilot-induced turbulence, or aircraft oscillations caused by pilot decisions." What prompted this reporter to assume PIO was a factor at all? Weather-induced turbulence is much more likely, given the flight track. Why insinuate that the pilots caused the injuries?
preacher1 1
Slow news day man. No sensationalism in the truth. Didn't you get the memo that it's always the pilot's fault?lol
It's always the weathers fault not pilots for turbulence
ABC News reports stating only 5 (2 were Flight Attendants) were injured and 3 of the 5 went to the hospital ...not the previously reported 12. The cause is being blamed on the same storms that tore thru the DFW area
Pilot-induced? I wonder how much flight time this aviation "expert" has?
Flight track --

You can see from the historical nexrad radar that there was a storm system over Louisiana
arthur - point of interest. U.F.O's, to the best of our knowledge, do not cause air turbalance, sonic booms, or boundary layer effects. e.m.i yes. U.S.O's , also do not effect or disturb the water when entering or leaving the water.

If the plane was over Lake Charles, lucky there was only 12 injured according to the flight path, I doubt they went that far north though.
Jason Rhew 1
They most likely flew through a TS, the same front that produced tornados in Dallas
preacher1 1
I'm like you. Their flight track on the link above puts them on the South end of all that mess, obviously not quite far enough, or as is usual, some PAX didn't pay attention to the Seat Belt sign.

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preacher1 1
Phil: what flight track are you looking at? Either one of the links above show the track and it shows he went way South of the wx. Puzzling part to me is that the story says it happened over LAKE CHARLES LA. It appears he was way South of there. Point of reference, maybe?

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preacher1 1
Well, I'll definitely agree with you on the airliner and
According to the flight path I'm seeing here on Flightaware, those pilots went well south of the weather that was on radar. Since you weren't in the cockpit with them, you're description of their piloting skills was made without knowing all the facts. Monday morning armchair quarterbacking like this disgusts me.
I have heard it say the C.A.T. are caused by UFO flying around but we can't see them. In all my years of flying, I never had an encounter with a CAT so I guess those little people flying them like me. O well, just having fun here.
frank1711 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Turbulence Forces Place To Make Emergency Landing.

In its lead story, ABC World News (4/4, lead story, 2:35, Sawyer, 8.2M) reports that "extreme" turbulence forced a United Flight 1727 from Tampa to Houston to make an emergency landing with some passengers needing to be hospitalized. ABC senior correspondent Jim Avila said, "The FAA says already this year, with today's incident, a total of 12 passengers and crew have been hurt by turbulence. That is as many as were hurt all last year or all of 2010." The broadcast used a NASA video to demonstrate what can happen. Alvia added, "While turbulence causes injuries, experts say it has not brought down an airliner in 50 years."


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