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ANA All Nippon Airways uses the first 787 Airliner

The airline goes from japan over to EGKK and/or Heathrow ( 기타...

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I am not so sure why this is news.
Joe Rod 2
Exactly...its not
clicking on the links takes you directly to the ANA website. Marketing instead of news...
ANA is the first carrier expected to bring the 787 to NORMAN Y MINETA ~ SAN JOSE INTERNATIONAL AIRORT (KSJC) later this year, Offering non stop service between San Jose and Toyko
chalet 1
To put it in the vernacular, this is pure, unadulterated "caca de toro" which we don`t need in this blog
chalet 1
Who posted this "news" lost his calendar and perhaps his watch too, this happened in July of LAST YEAR 2011. YOU BUM.


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