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Virgin Atlantic plane makes an emergency landing at London Gatwick

all flights were suspended as a smoke was reported on board virgin atlantic flight VS027 and it had to turn around to come back into land ( 기타...

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updated: "A statement from Virgin Atlantic confirmed the flight had returned to the airport and been evacuated.

It said: "Due to a technical problem on board the aircraft, the captain decided as a precautionary measure to immediately evacuate the aircraft."
pete7780 more info here
a long time since virgin have had to make an EL. first 747 EL the only other ones are a340-300 and a340-600 registration G-VSKY and G-VATL.
first a330 EL
what was the tail registratioon of the a330?
G-VSXY, it looks like
wait how can it be G-VSXY if that registration was on an a340 unless that one was changed
Flight track --
gatwick have said on there website:

Following the incident earlier today when a Virgin flight bound for Orlando made an emergency landing, our main runway is now fully operational for departing and arriving flights. Passengers should expect some delays for the rest of Monday but disruptions are not expected to continue into Tuesday.
A number has been set up for friends and family wanting to gain information about passengers who were on the aircraft. Please call 0845 6070 999.
For the latest updates check with your airline. You can also follow us on Twitter @Gatwick_Airport.
Just over 10 years since the same flight had to land in Iceland because of a bomb alert.
Nobody has mentioned it, but I suppose it had to dump fuel over the Channel.
there was not a bomb on board vs027 in 2012 may be same flight number but different aircraft, that is the only way it is linked if there was a bomb alert we would of known about it besides it was just smoke and a possibe fire on board
"Tom Alridge said one of the cabin crew panicked upon landing.

"She was screaming - 'Get off, get off' - she was literally pushing people down the chute," he said."

Err.. forgive me for stating the obvious, but I don't think the stewardess was "panicking". I think it's called "doing her job".
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Fifteen hurt during Virgin emergency landing in London

LONDON (Reuters) - Fifteen people were injured when a Virgin Atlantic plane made an emergency landing on Monday at London's second airport, Gatwick, the airport said
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4 People injured as Virgin Atlantic Flight makes Emergency Landing

Four people were injured today when a Virgin Atlantic flight was forced to return to London and make an emergency landing while en route to Florida


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