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US Airways considers nonstop Asia flights from Philadelphia International

US Airways officials discuss long term plans to service cities in the Far East from Philadelphia. This is something of a far off dream, but the discussion of the current fleet, plane orders, and current international service is notable for those of us who live in the airline's hub cities. ( 기타...

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Just me personally, I'd rather walk to IAD and catch a Dreamliner to Narita than fly AWE anywhere as many times as they've screwed me over. Rant concluded.....carry on....
99NY 1
Hah, well said. If AWE cant get either me or my bags into or out of CLT without some sort of separation, cancellation or other SNAFU, why bother going to another continent?
Hahaha, yep. Realistically even if they were able somehow pull it together enough to offer this service from PHL i would still probably get a ride 90 miles up I-95 to EWR to fly on a better airline. We're not talking about a two hour flight here.


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