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United, Continental Pilots Cleared to Call a Strike Vote

Leaders of the United Airlines and Continental Airlines pilot unions received authority Thursday to call for a strike vote if the groups are released from mediated negotiations with the airline. The action is a preliminary, procedural step but indicates the growing frustration of pilots eager to get out of their post-9/11 bankruptcy-era contract that slashed average pay by about 40 percent. Pilots have ratcheted up their protests recently, including staging a march at United headquarters in… ( 기타...

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indy2001 2
"United said it doesn't expect the announcement of this union vote to have an imminent effect on negotiations." Really??? I hope that's just negotiating gamesmanship, otherwise it's a sign that management isn't living in the same reality as the rest of us.

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JD345 1
Maybe you'd be happier if they got rid of all the executives and gave a bum under a bridge a $5 bill to make all the decisions.
Rob Lowe 1
Well, the airline would save millions of dollars that way, and the decisions couldn't yield much poorer results than we've seen over the past several years...
JD345 1
I just get tired of the groupthink. Any large company needs good executives and few industries are as inherently volatile as the aviation industry. It's not like the shareholders didn't think of executive pay.
btweston 0
That is a ridiculous and counterproductive statement. Not to mention hyperbolic to the point of idiocy. The point here is that there are lots of people who can make decisions, and they don't need to be paid twenty times what their underlings make.

It is absolutely absurd for an airline to suggest that the highly skilled workers who take direct responsibility for hundreds (or thousands, in some cases) of lives every day should take a pay cut when the people who have been making these magical decisions to this point, that is, a point at which they realize that they don't have any money, shouldn't.
JD345 1
United had $38 billion in revenue in 2011. Perhaps instead of posting a platitude-soaked emotional backlash, you can come up with what YOU would do with every last one of those dollars.
That is going to hurt. Hate to see that. A lose lose scenerio. I have had to do it, but I certainly don't like it.
Isn't that often the case?
Suits,Bankers and Lawyers are destroying America. Screw the worker and protect the suit. It's time to send the suits a lesson. Without workers you don't need suits. Maybe that is what it will take a shutdown and anarchy for a while before the suits get it.


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