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The race to build a successor to Concorde: Boeing, Gulfstream & NASA join forces.

Aircraft enthusiasts are waiting with growing anticipation for the unveiling of plans for a supersonic jet that may be able to fly London to Sydney in just four hours. U.S. builders - helped by the Nasa space agency - will reveal the prototype successors to Concorde at the Farnborough air show next month. Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Gulfstream are leading the way to build the new supersonic passenger plane which will be targeted at first at the business jet market. ( 기타...

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Screw all the naysayers - I think it's doable, and at a profit too.
Well thought . One can not stick to past failures and get stuck . We moved from balloon flying to aircraft , didn't we ? High time we translated space flying into every day flying ! Good luck . boyz n galz there ! .
zimmerfly 3
Once again the "Mail" shows it's excellent understanding of all things technical.

12000 miles at 2500 mph = 4 hours.............amazing
drdek 1
Beam me up, Scotty!
If the plane flies 4 times faster than a G650, and costs 25% more,($80M vs.$ 64M ) it should be feasible. Even after delays and cost increases push the price over $100M it will still make sense as a Business Jet, but probably not as an airliner. When money is not a limiting factor there is little that can't be accomplished. It would be great to see an American plane be the next SST.
It would be nice to see the US get back into the SST game. I remember an old Webster's Dictionary my parents bought (was sold in sections at the grocery store) back in '68. One of the pictures inside was an artist rendering of the Boeing SST in PanAm livery. That would've been so cool.
I once owned a metal and plastic working model of the Boeing SST in Pan Am livery. It took 2 D batteries. It made various engine noises, the engines flashed, and the wings swung in and out. It also moved by itself.
Phil Hoare 1
Just think back a few years when both the British and French Aviation Engineers said lets build a supersonic commercial passenger plane - three and a bit hours London to New York. Generally everyone said you are crazy. They did it and it is now part of history and aviation legend that the Concorde was, for its time, the most advanced and radical aircraft of its type. But is flew and flew brilliantly. The new generation engineers will develop a "New Concorde". Where's "Skunk Works Kelly Johnson" when you need him!!Can't be done - of cause it can!!
I crossed aboard the Concorde on 4 occasions; it was an incredible, wonderful experience. But I have to wonder, what with the reality of our global scarcity of resources, whether the necessary goverment participation will ever happen. Further, if costs will likely require multiple government backing, what dumb-ass bureaucratic nonesense, to say nothing of politics, will handicap the effort? Makes me sad.
It is unlikely to be commercially viable for the airlines. With current technology, very fast means long and skinny. A supersonic passenger jet that could carry enough passengers to make a profit would have to be longer than the A340-600 "Flying Pencil." Maybe too long to land on all but the longest runways.
Leo66 1
How about Los Angeles to Sydney. Cuts almost 4000 miles, lower fuel costs, and practicaly doesn't fly over land with the sonic boom problem.
djsflynn 1
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Sons of Concorde: new jets turn sonic boom into 'sonic plop'

Concorde's supersonic successors are determine to carve a path to commercial success – and one of the challenges is to overcome the 'sonic boom' which rolls in the jet's wake once it exceeds Mach 1 and causes even louder complaints from those living under the flight path. That goal is now within reach, with noise reduction technologies now softening the boom to a 'puff or plop' says an engineer associated with Gulfstream's X-54 supersonic challenger...
John Grace 1
I thought business jets were evil.
billykid05 0
What no reality TV show for the developement phase?? Producers can steal the "Sons of Concorde" title for the show... The lead engineers can compete against each other with rival CAD programs, super computers, etc, etc.
Sort of a Big Bang Theory meets Jesse James Garage hybrid.
12 seats?????? Thats even more ridiculous than the cramped cabin of the concorde....Those are going to be some pricey seats.At 2000 mph that's going to be burning a lot of fuel and it looks like it is going to be a beast to pilot...Where exactly is the cockpit?
It's a BIZ JET, not an airliner. G-650 seats aint xactly cheap. Maybe we should let them actually build a plane before we start ripping it to shreds, you think?
not believe the G-650 would be a whole lot more comfortable..Where would they house it?.I wouldn't want to leave something like that out in the elements and it looks like they are planning for it to be pretty huge...Look where the passenger compartment is; that looks like a lot of wasted space...I am sorry but I just don't share the vision.
"Artist's rendering" .........
Can't we wait on the REAL AIRCRAFT? If it ever is actually built?
BTW, I don't see too many Gulfstreams tied down on the ramp.
I can asure you that a hanger built to house two gulfstreams wont be big enough to house this plane but we shall see...If it becomes a real plane good; the Piaggio Avanti won't be the ugliest plane any safe and have a great week
My friend, G650 is a 12 seater, and that is expected to be a very luxurious airplane, this will be too. It won't be for the great unwashed to travel on though, we'll all be plodding along at subsonic speeds while the elite and wealthy zoom past in supersonic business jets. And why the ugly comments? If the Avanti is your idea of ugly, what's a good-looking airplane in your opinion?
Good question. Personally I think the P180 is a damn sexy airplane!
I just don't like them but everyone has their own taste....If they build it and does great well good I just really can't see them selling that many of them...wasn't trying to post nasty comments I am just stating my opinion on the matter.
ken young -1
Other than "hey look what we built", I don't see the purpose..
I am a aircraft freak. I like new technology.
But this thing does not appear practical.
If the aircraft can be designed to operate as a "normal" plane, flying a regualr route, then I am all for it.
Ben Lillie -3
What's the point of trying to duplicate an unsuccessful aircraft? I'm not saying I don't want it to be made, just that it is highly unlikely that it will work.
UNsuccessful???! Sounds like somebody needs to visit

Concorde was in service for 27 years, it broke even half empty with low density seating, for significant portions of it's useful life it actually made a profit contrary to urban myth - in 1960's money it even cost less to develop than the 787 has today.

A next-gen supersonic transport absolutely can work, and the business model for an executive jet is even more feasible. It seems there's been perpetual disinformation about Supersonic travel ever since the Oklahoma city sonic boom tests...
It'll never happen. There's a reason why the Concorde isn't flying nowadays. The advancement and success of aviation is not based on technology, but money.
oliton 1
I'd love the project to come to life. But imagine for a second that most of the rest of the world forbid this plane from flying in their airspace like the US did to Concorde back in the days...That killed it and made it a money pit. Think something's different today? I am with you there.


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