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View from 35,000 feet: Why we love window seats

Boarding may be a mess, the carry-on bags out of control, and your fellow passengers behaving badly. But ah, the thrill of the window seat. For many people, no matter how annoying flying gets, the view from 35,000 feet still has charms to soothe the traveler’s soul. ( More...

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Jeffrey Babey 11
I have to have a window seat, I can't sit in the middle or an aisle seat. I love trying to figure out where we are and what state were flying over.
Toby Sharp 5
get a electronic device and load up flight aware and use the airplanes wifi! track yourself during your flight!
Toby Sharp 9
and of course pay attention to your friendly flight attendant for a list of these approved electronic devices and times when you may use them! dont be a Baldwin!
ToddBaldwin3 15
Sigh. I'm going to have to get a new name.
Toby Sharp 2
My Bad Todd!
Tyler Johnson 6
This has to be one of the best exchanges I have ever seen in a forum ANYWHERE! Thanks for the laugh guys!
Alfons Wilbert 1
I agree!!
preacher1 3
And needless to say, he is making a joke of it now and making reference/money in his latest Capital One commercial. He really learned a lot and took it
Jeffrey Babey 2
LOL!! I hadn't even finished reading your post and I was already thinking Alec Baldwin!
Clive Peterson 1
cost too much for slow wifi on plane
preacher1 3
One of those quoted in the story talks about having a sore nexk after a flight. I have experienced that too while flying as a pax, BUT, a lot of my pax flying is on an RJ and you can definitely tell the difference between a Bombardier and Embraer. I don't know why but the window seat in a Bombardier RJ of any type is about 6" lower than that of an Embrarer and requires you actually bend or crane your neck to see, at least that's my experience.
selby50c 1
That because they are made for tiny french people.
preacher1 2
I can believe that but I didn't think all Canadians were short French people
Ric Wernicke 2
The ones from Quebec are! They are called Canadiens.
Jeffrey Babey 1
lol! I dated a tiny 4' 10" 100lb woman from Pembroke Ontario years ago. Believe me when I say, French/Canadian woman can be small BUT Feisty as hell!
MimosaDrive 7
I love watching the "heat lightning" jumping between distant clouds on night flights - clouds in general are endlessly fascinating. I also get sore neck syndrome from looking out the window so much, which is why on a multi-leg flight I try to choose seats on the opposite side on each leg to balance out the soreness. And if I'm on a movie flight, I politely ignore requests to close my window shade, the movie outside is much better.
kwjayhawk 5
Agree with all the statements already, but another reason I love the window seat: The window never sticks its arm into my elbow...
Mr Aflac 5
I've flown over my house, now that is an exciting moment. Flying over Pittsburgh is a beautiful experience.
kevin swiss 5
I use flightaware in a window seat religiously every week. Just remember the delay in the flightaware is about 50 miles (10 mins flight time), so the map is behind you. I wish the flight track was more clear on the aviation section of the map, blue and yellow just don't mix well for visibility. On to see the Memphis Glass pyramid today:) Todd just tell us you don't fly AAL.:)
preacher1 4
It don't matter if it is the cockpit of a 150 or a 767 or the window seat of your choice; the feeling is the same when you leave the ground. Whether it's a clear day and you can see everything or you're just rolling along on top of the clouds. As a pax, unless you have a talkative pilot, it's a guess in IMC where there is a break every now and then and the challenge of guessing where you are sets in. Hopefully your pilot KNOWS. LOL
Leo66 4
2nd last seat portside. Best views anywhere. Like to see the configuration of the flaps with the speedbrake at desent, catch a glimse of the glory the sun and aircraft produce, wingtips hitting some moist air making a brief contrail.
Also LOVE watching cloud columns zip past right you less than 100 feet away, fly into one of them with the bit of turbulance and exit out seconds later.
Trying to find you house if your departing (and arriving) in the right direction, looking for landmarks in your hometown. Knowing which city streets and voids (parks and lakes) at night
Most airlines I like are getting a seat months ahead of time and picking the seat that I want. Southwest sucks >>> There were a few times a family of 7 or more gets ahead of me and 5 kids sat in every window seat by themselves. The parents let them and during the flight they always switch seats and dont look out the window playing around.
Don't you love it when your VERY familiar with the runways and taxiways of your local airport knowing which gate to arrive at..and the pilot makes the wrong turn having to circle around the concourse?
Thats my comment...have not flown in four years...I miss it so much.
mike power 4
One of my best flights was from Montreal (YUL) to London (LHR) the flight took us over Wabush Labrador (YWK) where I live. It was in October and we were treated to an amazing display of the Northern lights . The captain dimmed the cabin lights so people could get a better view. Those of us on the left side of the 767 got the view but I offered my seat to some people who had never seen the aurora Borealis before
well that was generous lol
..Or even at 38,000 or 40,000 as some of my recent flights were .. The window seat makes a great canvas, for the photographer
andromeda07 3
It always annoys me when the flight attendants ask people to lower their window shades for movies. People can rent a movie for $2, when I've paid $200 or $2000 for the view from above!
Grab a blanket and cover your head and open the problem
Joel Payne 3
Don't talk it up too much. The airlines may find a way to motorize those shades. "Those passengers in window seats, who desire to raise their shades, please have a credit card available when the flight attendant passes by." Or maybe they could put coin slots on the bottom of the sills with instructions- Please deposit $1 for 3 minutes of viewing.Exact change required.
Tom Hope 3
Always, always, have I chosen a windows seat. Preferably, not over the wing. If I am not in the cockpit, then I've got to see the sights.
John Hale 3
Full moon nights are awsome too specialy in the winter. The thing about flying and the window seat is everytime it's different. What you see and the weather is different every time.
William Robles 3
I've done plenty of flying around and I've been skydiving since 1998,and still I feel like a kid every time I look out that window...
beilstwh 3
I love the view from the window seat also. However I drive everywhere now. I object to being groped by a TSA pervert.
Love the window seat, can't sit anywhere else! Middle seat, feeling claustrophobic especially in a small plane. Aisle seat, your staring at other people. So whats not to like about taking the window seat
mthompson218 2
The CRJ 100/200 series was original designed as a business jet. When they developed the commercial version, they raised the floor for more storage underneath, but the windows stayed put.
mthompson218 1
This was a reply to "preacher1" below. It didn't work out so well on my phone. My apologies.
preacher1 2
Tks, most of my pax flying is on an RJ, mostly the 200's as it has been with DAL/Pinnacle, and I swear, if Pinnacle had anything else, it operated somewhere other than MEM or else on a different run than I always Those low windows are bad noticable.
raymond petten 2
i like the aisle seat cause i can get at my carry on bag.i want to say here now,God love all the flight crews they are the very best.
Jeffrey Babey 1
I always thank my flight crews, I know how hard it is to deal with people at times. I spent 20 years managing restaurants, 99% of all people are great, it's that 1% that can really ruin your day.
Curt Krehbiel 2
I flew a Cessna Skylane for 32 years and 2700 hours from Midland, TX. Most cross country flights were at 10,000-12,000 feet providing a better view than from 35,000'. I always had a window seat without a wing in the way. And if I wanted a closer look I could just descend at will. However, each to his own.
Marc Costanzo 2
I have always sat in the window seat since I was a kid because I enjoyed looking at the country go by. However, after I started flight training I gain more perspective on what I was seeing. Now whenever I fly, I try to improve my pilotage skills while looking out the window. Although, There are some things you just cannot see that high.
kwjayhawk 2
Agree with all the statements already but my best reason for the window seat: The window never jabs its elbow into you or annoys you.
Alan Raymond 1
A most memorable view was from a port window on a flight from the east coast to IAH one extraordinarily clear night when I believe I saw the lights of Jackson, MS, New Orleans and Baton Rouge all at the same time. Another was looking down on a circular rainbow somewhere over the southwest U.S.
elgatito 1
Thats why i love windows seats
Window seat is my favorite place away from the wing and peaceful if they have two seats for oversea flight. Last time I sat on the aisle side and really annoyed by flight attendants and passengers bumped me all the WINDOW is the good perfect seat I ever had.
One time I brought my old hand held Garmin aboard. Held it by the window and finally got locked onto a satellite. Was interesting. Also brought my handheld radio one time. Listened to clearence, ground, and tower. Got busted shortly after T/O. FA saw the earpiece and wanted to see what it went to. Lol
Brian Bishop 1
I've done that too.
preacher1 1
shame on
Mark Crissman 1
A new flight tracking program Thatworks when your phone or pad is "dark" is An app for either device. May work better with a separate external gps receiver such as Dual XGPS150 or the new Garmen Glo GPS receiver which use both US and Russian satellites .
I have had some flying experience on other than commercial airliners. My first flight,aged 9, was in a De Haviland Dragon Rapide around Blackpool Tower from Squires Gate! Subsequently I was a cadet in the Air Training Corps in the 1950s (Chipmunks, Ansons, Shakelton, Slingsby Gliders etc.).

I therefore regard commercial plane trips as akin to coach travel but at 35k feet. I have therefore been an advocate of CCTV feeds to seat back sets from forward and below the plane,but don't think I am likely to see this anytime soon because of the wimps I have to travel with!

Some praise for United who at least relay the pilot to ground controllers talk to the seat earphones chanels1
That's an excellent service on United. I remember we were flying in a 737 New York behind a 747 and we were caught in the 747's wake. It was bone-shakingly uncomfortable. This was relayed via the pilot channel. Had I been a nervous flyer, I would have been comforted by the knowledge that I wasn't being stupid and that everything was being done to rectify the problem. They were appealing to New York for clearance to ascend or descend by 1000feet to gt out of the way. It happened eventually.
preacher1 1
I can remember a similar incident in the mid 80's before they knew all about the wake of a 757. We had just had ours about a year, were heading West out of KFSM at about FL320. All of a sudden, they sent us up to 340. Found out later, there were 3 other AC not all that far behind, experiencing a similar problem. About 6 months later is when they increased the
Mark Yeomans 1
Totally agree..
Window seats on short-haul flights eg Brisbane to Sydney. Aisle seats on long-haul flights eg Sydney to Europe.
David Searls 0
As one who loves geology, geography, weather, infrastructure, aviation and photography, I require a window seat on the shady side of the plane, and usually get one. (I'm a million miler with United.) A result is a possible record number of published photos taken from the window seats of commercial airplanes by a single passenger. Among the many thousands here... ... hundreds have appeared here ... in Wikimedia Commons, and many of those illustrate many Wikipedia articles. I put none of them there. Nature takes its course when you permissively license photos. Nearly all of mine are Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 licensed: So have at 'em. (Love FlightAware, btw.)
Mark Crissman -1
As one who loves geology, geography, weather, infrastructure, aviation and photography, I require a window seat on the shady side of the plane, and usually get one. (I'm a million miler with United.) A result is a possible record number of published photos taken from the window seats of commercial airplanes by a single passenger. Among the many thousands here... ... hundreds have appeared here ... in Wikimedia Commons, and many of those illustrate many Wikipedia articles. I put none of them there. Nature takes its course when you permissively license photos. Nearly all of mine are Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 licensed: So have at 'em. (Love FlightAware, btw.)
tancamper 0
I have many hours as Navy Aircrew, looking out the window is not a need I will take a asile seat to streach at lease one leg but I will take a seat in the cockpit any day
Same here, aisle seat anyday


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