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First United Boeing 787 'Dreamliner' rolls out of paint hangar

United Airlines' first Boeing787 "Dreamliner" rolled out of Boeing's paint hanger in Everett, Wash., this morning. United webcast the event to an eager group of aviation enthusiasts. Comments poured in from viewers around world, both on United's moderated webcast page and unfiltered on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. ( More...

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jmilleratp 8
It is cool to see the 787 ready to fly! I do have to say, however, every time I see that livery, I think Continental. I think United and Continental could have come up with something better than slapping a "United" on the Continental livery.
Zach Katona 2
Couldn't have said it better myself!! There was so many different ways they could have combined the two paint schemes and made an entirely new one instead of lazily changing the title at the front. It looks like any 3 year old could have come up with that. Just one of the many ways new United management is dragging down a great airline sadly.
Conor Ball 2
Theres rumors saying the UNITED part of the design i just a sticker covering Continentals words, at the least they could have mixed the original United colors Tulip/Battleship,with Continentals paint. Hell the could have just brought back the battle ship livery. I'm pretty sure everyone liked that.
Jim Harris 2
How about Continental's original livery -- gold and whie with a few black accent strokes? Bob Six had it right: "the proud bir with the golden tail". Just sayin'..
preacher1 2
Amen, or the street version of that " the proud bird with the brass A#$"
preacher1 1
Didn't they used to be a red or red/orange accent stripe down the side with that black?
AWAAlum 1
This is an interesting site. Scroll down to United and then to its number 3. That's probably the red/orange stripe you're remembering. The website shows lots of airlines with the years they were flying those liveries.
preacher1 1
I don't know why it's listed under DEFUNCT AIRLINES but go back in there 3 or 4 and there is a picture of the Old Continental livery that I am speaking of. The only BLACK is the name.
AWAAlum 1
Yes, I see there are Continentals under 3 and 4 but nothing about "BLACK" ... no matter. It was kind of a nice trip down memory lane I thought.
Kurtis Adamus 1
Why is everybody hating on United. There just another airline trying to stay in the fricking airline business. So what if the shreded continental to pieces that's continentals fault for agreeing for the merge. Give United a break. I've flown united once an I agree there not the best airline in the world. Who gives a damn!
Kurtis Adamus 6
Love the looks of the plane i'ts beautiful. Boeing has done a great job. As a Canadian this is good news meaning Air Canada is closer to getting there order. Can't wait to fly overseas with that majestic bird!
Conor Ball 6
ACA's paint would look really good on the 787 in my opinion.
Danny Ball 1
What would the design embody
Will Miller 5
Claude B. 4
That is a low profile painting.
But what a beautiful machine.
Soratours 3
Am imagining how good the Ethiopian Airlines paint will look like on the 787!
zennermd 5
I agree, a plane that beautiful should not have a paint scheme that boring.
Jeremy Kudlick 5
Still not really enamored by the COA paint scheme since the merger, but she's a beautiful ship nonetheless.
Well since Continental had the foresight to order the bird when United didn't it is only fitting the ships fly the beautiful Continental colors instead of that drab gray.
Jay Link 1
Well, it would have been the blue "gradient" scheme with the big Saul Bass "tulip" on the tail, not the previous gray "battleship" scheme.
Dan Murphy 2
Typical United.... Late to the party with a throughly outdated wardrobe!!!!
AWAAlum 1
Speaking of late to the party!!!!
Robert Punzul 2
Awesome, need to fly in that soon, I'm a elite united member!
almenae 2
Wow. Totally agree. Beautiful nose, lame paint.
artie Neivert 5
such a beautiful airplane, wasted on a crappy airline. I'd stop flying if united was the
only airline.
AWAAlum 2
Bet you wouldn't.
Kawaiipoint2 3
I cant get over how much that gold stripe adds to that livery..
Tabs 0
Yeah this should be the default livery.
sparkie624 0
Agreed... Looks very nice and sleek. Looks like the plane was made for that gold stripe.
P. Blank 3
Take that Airbus !!
Ron271 1
The stripe looks awesome!
Derek Hatton 1
Fantastic news for UAL(/CO). Also to be used on IAH to LOS. I have a family member who has already been trained as a Cabin Crew member for this aircraft (CO in Houston),
AWAAlum 1
Wouldn't it be something if it was possible to please all of the people all of the time.
What does the present Federal Administration plan to do to disrupt production of this aircraft?
preacher1 1
No tellin'. They already tied to kill Charleytown and that didn't work. Maybe they will leave it alone as then union dues payers up there all vote.
P. Blank 1
Agree completely. At least its not like that TED thing although it was cool in paint
Conor Ball 1
TED had A pretty good paint job, bill board titles, and the yellow tulip.
P. Blank 1
Careful that Sebastian guy may tell you to shut up
Jeff Hirsch 1
that's a great collection of photos
Hector Vazquez 1
Slick look.
Jason B 1
That is one awesome bird.
Hope Boeing has ALL the bugs worked out, that ANA has delt with
our son worked on brakes and tires on this plane and we LOVE it.
MedBach 1
I can't wait to fly in that new generation aircraft, I know Royal Air Maroc ordered one I have no idea if Air Canada ordered some ,,I am sure they did,,I usually fly to my original country Morocco, I hope my next trip will be on 787 dreamliner.
Alejandro S 1
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United Rolls Out The New 787 Dreamliner

United Airlines rolled out its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the first U.S. based airline to have the all new aircraft made by Boeing. At 9:00am (eastern time) the hangar doors opened revealing the much anticipated airplane...
DaveLloyd 1
I hope Boeing delivered the new 787 on a "COD" basis. They'll be lucky if those cheap bastards at United pay for it.
For those of you who may be interested lets review some aviation history; Continental and United were both founded, by the same person, Walter Varney (Who also started; Varney Speedlines, to then change it to Varney Airlines) in the same city of Boise, Idaho .. Yes folks, UA did NOT start in Chicago where it is now based .. The original airfield, was once located on the grounds of what is today .... Boise State University .. It was also United who hired the FIRST "Stewardess" in 1930 .. a Registered Nurse, by the name of Ellen Church .. United celebrates is "birthday" on April 6th, having started and had continous service to BOI since 1926.
sparkie624 1
Nice looking plane. Way to go United. Glad to see another company supporting a US Company and not importing.

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sparkie624 2
Really... I hadn't noticed. I do not trust those planes, and do not feel safe in them. Not going to go into details, but from a maintenance stand point I have issues with the FlyByWire... I do not trust it.
preacher1 1
It is a different system in it's workings than AB and that is what Sparkie is fussing about and rightfully so. Regarding the importing, If CO and United had not merged, more than likely United would have stayed in the AB camp. They were already headed in that direction. As this thing goes on, you will see more CO influence. They got a whole lot more problems to handle right now besides paint!!
JetMech24 1
Since it has been explained by someone else. From a maintenance stand point, no fly-by-wire system is trustworthy, regardless of who designed and built it. And from a real mechanic's stand point, any airplane not made of metal, will ever be trustworthy
AWAAlum 1
Don't know if it applies to this kind of plane, but fly-by-wire's been in use on the AH-64 since 2003. It's a great system.

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[This poster has been suspended.]

JetMech24 3
And so is the 777 and so WILL be the 737MAX, lol.
bighoss81 1
Agreed United paint
chalet 1
Such a beautiful plane wearing such a lousy livery, bet you 10K that in 5 years it will be gone and replaced by something nicer.
Danish Nelson 1
Just because its been delayed doesn't mean its a bad plane. My Uncle happens to be an engineer on that plane and we all take pride in what he dose, so clam down, please!

Thank you for those who like the aircraft as much as I do.
Kira Andreola 1
I actually like the paint job. It's simple and clean and elegant. The lines of it reminds me of Boeings swish paint job (white with blue line and 787 branding on tail). I'm pretty sure that's no accident. As long as this is specific to only 787s, I think it's pretty nice.
fundiks 1
Honestly it's not that pretty a plane, for some reason it reminds me of a giant Caravelle. Probably a pilots dream to fly. That livery is so beyond lame!!! United just being a bunch of cheapskates and not wanting to design a new logo or paint scheme that would've honored two proud airlines.
Kurtis Adamus 1
I don't understand the problem with the paint it's nice and clean. This is coming from a Canadian.
Kurtis Adamus 1
Oh yes Air Canada's paint is my favourite paint's. It's nice and clean. That's how today's planes should be. I don't understand why people are complaining about the united paint it's sleek clean modern. It makes the 787 look that much more beautiful.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Will Miller 0
Oh yeah, I wonder what they're doing with the A350, probably not nearly as good.
JetMech24 2
Yeah...oh, how late is this plane again?
By far not as late as the 787 was...
JetMech24 1
Was reffering to how late the 787 was/is. Sorry I didn't clearify.
Conor Ball 0
The *test* A350 is planned to be released in 2013.
Will Miller -1
Hmm, I would bet money it's not as nice as the 787
Conor Ball 2
Its not the A340 is a decent sized aircraft with 4 engines but the A350 is almost like a copy of the 787 also with 2 engines.
dax9876 -1
What's the route its running?
Michael Fuquay 2
I imagine these birds will hang out at the hubs, ORD, IAH, EWR, DEN, and possibly IAD (hopefully).
Conor Ball 1
RJAA-KDEN-RJAA Starting March 31st 2013!
John Danzy 0
Did you read the very short article? At the bottom it states "United plan to use the new route on its Denver-Toyko Narita route." I assume the intelligent writer at The Florida News Journal meant to say the new plane will be used on the DEN-NRT route.
Paul Schiesser -2
96.3% dispatch reliabilty for ANA, that seems low, isn't the industry average around 98.8? I know it's a new model and therefore suxceptible to more unfamilar techinical issues.
SootBox -2
I can't stop yawning.
pop414 -2
Wow totally screwed that one up. Way to go United. Now your planes match your service. They both suck.
Who I repeat who got paid to come up with that paint job.
EliteAirInc -8
Should have kept the old United Paint scheme.
You call that paint? It looks like primer and they forgot to finish the job.
JetMech24 0
Quit thinking cars then, these are planes, lol.
Sang Le 0
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United 787 Dreamliner livestream from Yesterday.

You’ve heard the phrase, “You really had to be there” – typically used in reference to some stupendous event that simply cannot be described in words. Daybreak on July 31 ushered in a truly momentous occasion for United: Our first Boeing 787 Dreamliner rolled out of the paint hangar at Boeing’s Everett Washington facility, revealing the special livery previously shown only through an artist’s renderings.

Our Social Media team was there to stream the experience live on the United Hub. And for those of you who were awake at 5:30 a.m. Pacific time to view the event in real time, our guess is it really did feel like you were there.


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