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Planes collide on ramp in Nashville (BNA)

Developing story that just occured. Apparently two jets collided while on taxi at Nashville International. ( 기타...

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Sounds real hairy to be so bland. Can we say OOOPS? How do you break loose from a tug
Jd Young 1
Ok, so I talked with an airport official this evening. Apparently, the gulfstream was pulled by a tug near the Atlatnic Aviation ramp when a cable snapped and the plane broke free. The beechcraft was already parked and well you know! According to the official, both planes were/are full of fuel and it won't be until sometime Thursday afternoon before more damage is assesed.
oh that poor poor lineman moving that G550..........major pucker factor!
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Runaway jet collides with plane at Nashville airport

Two private planes at Nashville International Airport collided, causing tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Sources say the tow bar broke on a Gulfstream G5-50 setting the jet on a path for the smaller Beechcraft King Air.
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Runaway Gulfstream tries to mate with a King Air

A Gulfstream being towed at BNA breaks free and rolls into a Beech King Air.
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King Air and Gulfstream Collide on Ground in Nashville

A G5 and King Air 90 collided with each other on the ground at BNA on Wednesday. The G5 was being towed by Atlantic Aviation. Both the FAA and Nashville Airport Operations are investigating the incident.


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