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New York to Tampa flight lands on nose after gear fails to extend

TAMPA -- A Delta flight from New York's JFK airport to Tampa International Airport has landed safely on its nose after the front wheel did not fully extend. According to Federal Aviation Administration, Flight 2391 landed safely on Runway 19R around 10:30 p.m., with the nose wheel doors scrapping the tarmac. The MD88 aircraft aircraft was towed to the gate. It is not known if anyone was injured in the landing. The number of passengers has not been determined. This is a BREAKING alert.… ( More...

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J Jay 3
This story is incorrect. I have emailed baynews9 several times and asked them to pull this story because it is inaccurate. The nose gear did not fail, as reported in the title, and did not land without nose gear. All the landing gear was fine. The only thing that happened was the main gear doors did not retract after the gear was deployed, leaving the doors extended down. When the aircraft landed, the doors scraped the runway under the main gear, and that was it! It had nothing to do with the nose gear at all, so some very inaccurate facts are being reported. It was a very normal landing, but for precautionary reasons, emergency crews were called, and the aircraft towed to the gate. Minor damage to the aircraft landing gear doors, and all passengers were just fine. I was there to assist when the aircraft landed. Funny how these stories can exploded with misinformation and really make it a huge news story out of a minor incident!!
conmanflyer 2
well now its fixed
conmanflyer 1
the story on BN9*
linbb 1
Its a news story those people cant even get the type of plane right half the time.
And then they say the plane nose dived into the ground is another of there faves to say how else does one crash it tail dived into the ground??? And the story that you commented on, who in the hell wrote it?? No one was injured?? Gee what do you think? It didnt crash in a ball of flames. I wish that they would use a person who knows what an airplane is to edit the storys before they put them out, and the look on the face of the lady that does the on the spot story is something to behold oh gee they have this tragic look like its never happened before.
Thanks, Jay
preacher1 1
Hard landing sounds like an understatement here. If it went down that far, they are lucky the gear didn't collapse. Article doesn't say if the pilots still have a job or not or if there was a reason for such a landing.
migpilot 1
In my estimation I don't think it is possible for the main gear door to hit the ground even with a fully compressed strut and a flat tire. Could have broken off from severe impact I suppose.
preacher1 1
You're probably right, migpilot. Hindsight being 20-20, it would have had to have broken off on impact cause I can't think of anything that has a door hung that low. On most anything, seems like a door doesn't even get to the botton of the top 1/2 of the strut. I still have to wonder if they still have a job.A man can get by with a trashy landing every now and then but normally you don't leave
migpilot 0
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Hard landing leaves parts on runway

TAMPA — A Delta airlines flight from New York City made a rough landing at Tampa International Airport late Saturday night when its main landing gear doors scraped against the runway, according to airport officials.


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