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United screws up, upsets their best customers (again)

United waited until late Friday afternoon to announce that they're removing a feature that lets customers see various fare/cabin availability on flights. Within twelve hours (overnight on a Friday evening), over 400 fuming replies to the announcement. ( More...

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Dennis Irving 6
Dear UAL, Please send more vasoline.
dbaker 6
People like the ability to see inventory because United's other systems for finding upgrade/reward inventory are so incredibly slow (20-30 seconds per search) and painful to use. It's a very backwards and flawed decision to make it even more difficult.
Ric Wernicke 11
A United spokeshole says:

"It also left the door open for undesired exposure that allowed automated scripts to scrape and re-display information in ways for which it was not intended."

This means "we'd rather hide the good fares and upgrades as much as possible, hoping your time is more valuable than digging for it. United wants more money from you, and this way you are shown more expensive options first."

They promote this new roadblock like it is a feature. What trash. I would like to review the resumes of current management. I think I would detect a majority of used car salesmen.
Chuck Me 3
You're GS. Do you really use this to find available upgrades? I would think at GS you'd pretty much be top of the list for an upgrade and not have to mess with that kind of searching.

I know the brief time I was ExPlat on AA, I didn't fly coach. I was constantly upgraded. And that's not in the same league as GS.
Chip Hermes 2
Yes, if you want to find space at booking. Otherwise, space may never materialize. Keep in mind that people are using this for transoceanic/international flights, which routinely sell out with no upgrades.
Paul Wisgerhof 4
I guess the "Director, Customer Insights" just doesn't have any!
greenmachine 4
more consolidation brings more arrogance.the NEW management does not help only hinders what was a great airline.
They do not call them Untied with out reason . Was a great airline years ago I do not use them anymore.
Dee Lowry 2
Angelo...for your information...Reagan didn't have anything to do with what whatever you are saying. President Carter signed "Deregulation of Airlines" , on October 24, 1978! It was remove government control over fares, routes and market ( of new airlines ) from commercial aviation.
Big Mistake!!!
Those pesky passengers - they are such a bother.
Roland Dent 2
Where on earth do these get these people with zero ability?
Mark Duell 4
I think United considers their best customers the ones buying F without looking, not the ones looking for upgrades.
Chip Hermes 2
Not so sure you're correct there.....I have been a United "Global Services" member for four years, which is a revenue-based elite level for their highest revenue customers....and they reward us with system wide upgrade certificates, which I use for vacations or to upgrade from full fare business class to first class.
Greg Garner 1
If my past experience in travel management counts for anything, I believe you are correct.
Andy Tyler 3
Gotta love this new management....really gotta love them.
Roxie Benson 3
Gotta keep making those changes to justify having that job. Need to fire the ones responsible for this one cause they just lost you a bunch of $$$$$$. Enough is enough and then folks just go somewhere else, so keep up the good work morons.
Sidney Smith 1
I do miss the "proud bird with the golden tail" or was it the loud bird with the brass ass. Miss 'em both.
Bert Neut 1
Time to arrange a meeting between Dave Carroll and kind miss Irlweg.
Ira Leiderman 1
It never ceases to amaze me how United continues top.o. their best customers. They dinged my daughter $500 for baggage (extra bag and over weight) on an international flight. She was heading off for the year and had a years worth of gear with her. I am trying to get United to do something about this and all I get is a run around from people who have difficulty with the English language.
trevorbair 1
United's stupidity and total lack of regard for its most loyal customers never ceases to amaze me. I've flown just over 30,000 miles with them each of the last three years and the benefits for my continued loyalty have decreased dramatically each year. No ability to book into E+ is my biggest pet peeve but there are many other grievances. Smi$ek would rather shaft loyal customers than give up a few bucks. Not surprisingly, all of this is a common theme on FlyerTalk, yet no one at UA listens. Unfortunately, preferring direct flights whenever possible, I'm captive living near DEN. But, SWA is looking better and better for next year's travels (never thought I'd say that!)...
trevorbair 1
Reading on FT, as of today it looks like the people have spoken (to the tune of 1300+ mostly negative comments) and UA has listened -

That said, my other points still hold true.
Nikunj Sanghvi 1
Please give me my Continental. United sent cash discount coupons and Club vouchers. I tried using the coupons when making reservations for India. I call United and was told the system was not equipped to take this code. The agent can do it. When the 3 tickets were booked, the agent stated that I would be charged $25.00 per reservation since I had called in. The online system did not work!
Dee Lowry 1
United Airlines is not what it used to be. I started in 1972 as a Crew Member for 30 years and had pride wearing the uniform representing the company! At that time, we didn't have "Mileage Plus", "Up Grades", or "I'm sorry, we ran out of Beef. Thanks to deregulation...the industry started to lose it's momentum. Airlines started losing money...gave tickets away...created "promotional incentives" to bring people onboard with these ...incentives. So be it. Management does what it does and makes the money and the airline loses money. We did pretty good with the accusition with "Pan Am" and their international routes...but the company was so excited about the international that they "dissed" the domestic! Therefore, management was not on the same page and over time, the company started to desinergrate. And to make things worse...was the merger with Continental! But if United had stood alone, without management raping them of profits...they might have been fine and would have become a #1 Airline in an economical depressed industry. I can go on and on about oil prices, which have a major impact, not only to the airline but the passengers that have to pay the price to fly. Airlines cannot give seats away! A business needs to be a business. Does your business give out freebees to stay afloat? Don't think so. My Airline, that I supported for 30 years...since I was 20 years not the same. And unfortunately, will never be again. But you know, I can look back in my career, think about Eddie Carlson, our CEO, in the early days, and say...I'm proud to have flown for "UNITED"!
jet4ang 0
And we can especially thank our actor turned president Reagan (which is a smelly fish in Greek)
Felix melloul 1
i am a million miles+++ traveler, i am waiting for a supervisor cal back now 24 days and a reply for email send 10 days ago a great customer service that just show how much ual care period!! it is time to move on
Fred Moore 1
If you want good service, fly a foreign carrier like BA, Emirates, Singapore or JAL. American carriers' customer service uniformly sucks.
Tom Weatherred 1
You could be Elite on AA where they have rules about upgrades that they ignore.
Sidney Smith 1
United used to be a great airline. We are a long way from those days.
As a retired Continental employee of 40 years, I want to say that Continental was a great Airline before United.
wyomnc1 -1
What gets me on the awards miles is a particular International Round trip 65K: One way 65K. The do want to screw you literally and financially. I don't give a darn about an up grade, i need a reasonable price first.
Sid Stevens 0
I also hate United. They sat my wife and I next to a 500-600 lb man in a exit row over the wing.
It was illegal to have him set there. He couldn't get out the emergency exit!
He also flopped his fat over a third of the way into my seat for over 4 hours.
When I complained about it to there customer department they said they couldn't do anything about him because he paid for a seat. I said I paid for my seat and by them letting him sit next to me they stole 1/3rd of my seat.
They offered me a $50.00 voucher to compensate me.
I will never fly on United again!
I hate that airline!!!
United has the worst customer service. They simply don't care. And yes I travel frequently. I make every effort to use another carrier. These guys make used car salesmen look like professors of ethics


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