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The Endeavour has Landed: A View from the Tower

While we've seen various pictures of Space Shuttle Endeavour on its final flight into LAX, we really haven't seen things from the Air Traffic Controller's perspective... Until now. ( 기타...

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jbermo 2
A lot of future astronauts and pilots were made that day!
Great pictures! The first I've seen. Maybe a few other tower guys can post some pictures of Their airport ramps/tarmacs?
The BEST one I've seen.....Excellent........!!!!
AWAAlum 1
Don't know why, but that gave me goose bumps!
Absolutely Fantastic!! Thanks and Aloha!!!
Very cool!
egarnier 1
Génial de suivre tous ces avions,je voyage pour pas cher autour de la Terre !!
Great photos! Many thanks :)
There go my dreams of ever flying on a Shuttle. Great job NASA.
It was a "Sunshine Trip"! Thankyou "Endeavour", for taking us where very few of us will ever go! You made us maintain our imagination of what mankind can accomplish!
jdando 1
Great stuff. I was near the Proud Bird resturant, so it is great to see pictures from a different location.
cityops 1

This is a FANTASTIC video if you guys missed it.
Fantastic pictures, would love to spend the day on that tower.
I was stuck in school and missed it when it flew over...great pictures though!
egarnier 1
superbes images,on ne se lasse pas de les voir !
egarnier 1
génial de suivre ces avions,je voyage pour pas cher autour de la terre !!

Why didn't NASA think to fly around a shuttle as a PR mission when Congress was continually cutting their budget?
Wow!! That is AMAZING!!!! Thanks for the photos :)
What else can these guys spend our money on. While I realize NASA has it's traditions and ways of doing things the relic that transported the shuttles to no productive end, spent more fuel than my entire neighbor hood will use this Winter. The missed approach for publicity pictures just added insult to injury. On top of all that they had an escort of two unarmed training aircraft, so superfluous to the purpose. California tax payers will foot yet more bills in the millions, I'll bet to move electric lines and cut down trees so a special truck can transit city streets with an over weight, over dimensional load to its final display location well south of LAX. Please don't tell me "it's for the children".
AWAAlum 3
Dear Scrooge (aka Mark Lansdell): America needs a bit of a boost in patriotism, and for me anyways, I felt proud watching it. God bless America.
Baaah! Humbug!

Sorry we disagree. I'm not lacking in patriotism. Maybe our CINC could forgo a trip or two in the newer model 74(s)to help pay for all this. In any case the escort is not needed nor helpful only ceremonial. the missed approach was a costly photo op. Then maybe we can discuss it further in 6 months when our dollar is devalued below anything usable of repairable.

'A billion here and a billion there, pretty soon we're talking about some real money'.
indy2001 3
You seem to have lived a rather sad, uninspired life if you can't see the benefit of acquiring such a historic vehicle for the public to see. Yes, it is for the children, but it's for the adults as well. Have you ever been to a flight museum and seen for yourself how excited the children are? I don't think the California Science Center will have any difficulty coming up with the money to pay for Endeavour and its transportation. The next time we're in SoCal, we'll be buying tickets to see her.
Were we married once?
Art R 0
that's great guys !keep them coming
Living in the UK, our news channels only showed a couple of photographs of the Endeavour piggy back ride. Thanks for all the great shots.


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