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Suspected bird strike brings down Do228 in Nepal, near Mt Everest

Sad news, all killed as Sita Air aircraft crashes shortly after take off. Reported that the pilot reported a bird strike before trying to return to Kathmandu ( 기타...

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Sad....prays for the victims and families......however that route is a truly dangerous route....Their destination airport is at s whopping 9000ft msl and the airport is one way in and one way out.
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Tourists headed for Everest region among 19 killed in fiery Nepal plane crash

KATMANDU, Nepal -- A plane carrying trekkers to the Everest region crashed and caught fire just after takeoff Friday in Nepal's capital, killing 19 people.
The victims included British, Chinese and Nepali passengers, authorities said.
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Bird Strike Responsible for Nepal Crash

A Dornier aircraft crashes following a collision with an eagle, killing nineteen.
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Kathmandu accident

Accident in Kathmandu airport involving a Dornier. Airport official reports that the aircraft hits a vulcan after departure.
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Sita Air Dornier 228 crashes in Nepal, 19 killed

Sita Air (Kathmandu) flight 601 on September 28 operated with a Dornier 228 (9N-AHA) crashed after takeoff from Kathmandu International Airport. All 16 passengers and three crew members on board were killed. The crew reported a bird strike and the loss of an engine and was attempting to return to the airport when it crashed and burned. The flight was bound for the mountainous airport of Lukla, a popular destination near Mount Everest.
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Plane Going to Mount Everest Region Crashes, Killing 19

It was the seventh fatal plane crash in Nepal since August 2010, according to the Aviation Safety Network, a research organization. Nepal is a popular trekking destination, and a number of its small airports are tucked between mountains and often shrouded in fog.


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