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787 Cockpit Landing (video)

Just thought this was cool, first video I've seen from the cockpit… ( 기타...

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Wow! Great video! I wanna be just like her when I grow up!
Thanks for posting this. This lady knows how to fly and what a real winner this machine is. She and it can fly me anywhere at anytime...
As bentwing says below, Boeing Flight Ops is the cream. Everyboy is talking about her but there are at least 2 others there with 4 bars. I'll guarantee you she didn't get that left seat just cause they needed to fill a quota. She earned it.
Very Nice
She is called Christine Walsh..see the way she commands that throttle.
rsmath 1
what's the pink thing in front of the pilot's eyes during landing? Is it a heads-up display or a filter to cut down on glare?
It is a heads up display.
Would guess that is a sun dims in response to light intensity..liquid crystals..I am guessing here.
It's a head-up-display.
Nice handle. I used to do that, and still appreciate those that do. Long ago and far away JH at my airport cornered me and said "Monte, you got to quit giving the line guys a beer for putting your airplane away". To which I responded, "I never have to call for a tug". It was another time and another mindset.
It is polarized and curved, hence the color,and if needed, there is a cover that snaps on like a sunglass for it. The intensity is adjusted by a knob that allows the pilot to change the brightness of the video display.
Looks easy when you watch the video, and I'd say snagging a Boeing Flight Ops job, in my view, would be the cream of the crop. Quite an audience for the arrival and I am ready to see one. I am curious if one has landed at DFW yet.
Yeah, they wern't a bunch of rank amateurs on there. She was in the left seat, but the right seat and jump carried 4 bars as well. Monte I don't know if they have been to DFW or not. They may have awhile back on a test, just dunno, but I know that nobody is running them in there scheduled yet, and I really don't think that with AA as major carrier there, that you will see any for awhile.IMHO
I suspect that there are not too many three bar guys or gals in Boeings flight ops department. Over the years, I have commented that you could tell the caliber of your seat mate before you got off the ramp, and the expectation at that flight department would be spectacularly high!
You know, I was fortunate in having the same seatmates through the years and it don't seem all that many years back that the airlines had the same thing. I personally wouldn't like a guy I didn't know walking in and saying I'm qualified because the airline has hired and trained me and gave me these bars. I guess I'd get used to it but as you say, you can tell the calibre by the time you get off the ramp. I think if I was a Captain though, I'd spend a big part of the trip checking the guy out and vice versa.
You take comfort in knowing that your peers at the airline have already survived many thousands of hours as a pilot before getting on with XYZ airline. At many airlines, training is a right of passage. Those who didn't study for the oral, or didn't fly the sim well didn't pass. Then there is the fact that despite the airline being quite large - certain body types at domiciles turn out to be pretty close knit communities - somebody you know has already flown with him/her and people normally share "he's a good guy" type of comments - so if someone you respect tells you they like him - you already are a little less defensive. Then you see how they act in preflight, how they are dressed. If they are organized. How they treat the rest of the crew... and all this is before engine start up. By the time you leave the gate you are armed with quite of bit of info about the guy - because before we fly - we usually ask each other questions like: where did you work before here, were you in the military, do you know such and such - when did you pass your initial - and you get to know your crew pretty well. As captain, you normally fly the first segment and see how the FO does (this is especially true at regional airlines like MESA - where they hire low time pilots with as little as 250 hours).... and then, according the the GOM - if there is a thunderstorm, high winds, snow or ice, etc etc - the captain will fly the plane if they are new - to protect against new hires with low experience flying in marginal conditions... trust me - it isn't all on blind faith.
I thought you were a 135 guy but you sound like 121 or not far removed, but with all you have said, bentwing is correct too; you can pretty much tell the calibre before you leave the ramp, but then, they are sitting there looking at you
I've served time in both - LOL. I was only speaking from the perspective of the Captain - but of course the same is true in reverse. I am not God's gift to aviation and would never suggest that I am! I miss 121's structure, quality controls, options, benefits, pay. Once my spine heals I will be looking at 121 again... 135 is the wild west compared to the airlines. I liked some aspects of it- not going to the same places every day, the empty legs, the easy orals were nice but a double edged sword - with a more stringent training program you had better pilots. For instance, during my upgrade training under 135 - my training partner on his checkride (which was in a real plane rather than a simulator because my company didn't want to pay for flightsafety - he almost landed on a taxiway, didn't know where you could find NTSB830, missed nearly every question on the oral - flew below MDA on a non-precision approach before reaching the VDP or calling the airport in sight either, configured the autopilot modes incorrectly for all but one approach - and was PASSED!???? That same 135 operator did real life "V1 cuts" by placing a wooden plank in front of the pilot flying and then calling abort using only your side vision to hold centerline... and the list goes on and on. That same operator sent all the pilots emails telling us not to use breaks on landing - and then had several aircraft running off runways. Too much to write in this venue - how could I not want to go back to 121 ??? And it took the NTSB until only a month ago to even really look at them! Of course I miss 121! On american a few seats got loose - on my 135 airline our flight control cables got frozen in flight on many many occasions. Door seals blew all the time, using PT6's I was amazed to see our company blew so many I lost count! A PT6 for God-sakes! - those things are nearly indestructible. Only one in 10,000 fails and we had MANY
Sounds like you had a real prize there.I can't blame for the way you feel. We were fortunate and it was a corporate use type thing, not a for hire. All our training we got to go outside to down to Ft Worth thru the AA center and it was good. Whatever we needed, we got with no questions asked, but there were only 6 of us. I can agree with the structure and all of which you speak and see where you are coming from, but just be careful out there. It's changing every day. I guess it's like anything else, what you make it. I'll be back in the air around the 1st of the year. My old bunch that I retired from just bought a CRJ200 off somebody and it's down at Denton now for mod work. I'll be hitting it for a couple trips per week and training their King Air guys. They sold a C421 and those guys moving to the KA. 2 years will let me run out to 65 or so if my medical will hold and not have too long to wait for SS. I got a good retirement but that insurance is high when you are paying for it
As you say, total class, and you are correct, that is the cream.
Now that was a cool video! Landing a Dreamliner from the cockpit! Now I am going to get a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for myself! The future of aircraft technology is now a reality. From a design on computer screen, to becoming a real flying machine! Now, my guess is that the airplane is so advanced, that anyone can fly it!
Nice. Great Landing, the lady really greased it. Like the heads up display will come in handy for IFR landings. Beautiful flight deck and the pilot seats looked comfortable. A+ for Boeing on this one.
Awelsome, let's give it up for the Lady's! Kudo's. A job I always dreamed of doing.
There is, and there always will be something amazing in aviation!
Great video Thank you.

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Dang Phil, can't you ever be happy with anything? What makes you think she didn't have seniority?
Thats awesome. Thanks for posting.
skylloyd 1
I met this lady on a preflight walk around inspection at BFI back in 2000, at that time Boeing was in a woman hiring frenzy, I don't know how many made it, but, it surely wasn't all that were in training at that time. Anyway, she was very friendly and was in the right seat of a next gen. 737-700, I also remember she was loaned to flight test, out of the delivery section. Looks like she did pretty good on this delivery.
Hope Airbus has seen this....hahaha...bring on the clowns!
You aced it Girlfriend! Proud of female pilots! You showed the boys that we can do it and do it even better! Way to go!
Well done!


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