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Video: AWACS Jet Nearly Crashes Into Tanker During Refueling Mission

A couple of AWACS pilots and a KC-135 tanker boom operator each probably needed a new pair of pants after this incident. ( 기타...

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Green bean check out, moved in smooth then got nervous, added too much power at connect forcing an auto-disconnect and boomer pulling the boom up and away. The awacs pilot then stopped looking at the tanker and got into a pio, all saved by the boomer's call to his pilot to go go go ! Been there seen it with many student fighter pilots. I always told my studs to put a pencil between their fingers on top of one knucle, causes bad pain when they get nervous and forces them to settle down, concentrate and make small corrections.
The AWACS aircraft pushed into the boom causing a disconnect. What we should have heard at that point was "Breakaway, Breakaway, Breakaway." The tanker pilot would go to max power and the receiver would dive. Something was very wrong here. (ex KC-135 pilot)
IE would not play it. Worked fine in Firefox
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Chrome also works
Seems to me it was the tail of the AF refueler almost smashes into the AWACs aircraft. Just as the fueller says "Go Go GO GO!" the ground moves along with the AWACs plane.... causing me to suspect that the pilot of the refueller plane pulled up (making the tail go down) to get up and away from the AWACs plane.

Just my 2c worth.
Like Thomas Mace said. something almost went wrong, badly wrong. the markings on the right wing said NATO. Almost bet money it was a new or non-current NATO pilot or co-pilot. like they say. you have to practice, but this person ( male or Female ) almost bit the bullet. in all my years around kc135's/B52's/kc130's/hh53's I've only seen something this close a very few times. but it happens. Pratice-pratice and then more practice
crk112 2
correct me if i'm wrong but this looks like a rookie mistake?
Well since I missed it the last time it was posted, let me just say this. Holy Crap.
Dubslow 2
yeah, about a week already.
I'm actually glad for the repost, the link on the other post didn't work for me.
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Holy shit.
Didn't work for me either, but then I'm using a BB so shouldn't be surprised...
Sorry about that, please try again now.

See 39 seconds into the video.
Video removed.
I can't seem to get the video to play.
Try again now, sorry about that.
Video not playing
Should be okay now, sorry.
SOP Air Force!
OH! S#*%. some CAT or just two big aircraft buffer?
New button being installed on autopilot as we speak. "Auto refuel". :-D
NASA is working on it. Successful using an F-18 and drogue
Video is no longer available.
There seem to be a couple of mistakes. As any large aircraft approaches the refueling position, there is an interaction between the receiver's bow wave and the tanker tail. Particularly noticable with C-5 and B-52's. Tanker adds a bit of up trim at 30, 20, and 10 ft to compensate with a B-52. If the receiver does the same,, he would experience slight up pitch when backing up after the disconnect. This was not setting up as a bad overrun, but I did not see the spoilers come up for the breakaway, indicating to me that the pilot flying the receiver wasn't practiced on the brakeaway procedure.
Looks to me like there was turbulence. Good job of the AWACS pilot to avoid a collision.
smoki 1
The "turbulence" if indeed that occurred could have been tanker jet wash or wing downwash impinging on the AWACS radome as the AWACS eased upward closer to the tanker. There appeared to be a one cycle divergent PIO by the AWACS before it disappeared out of frame below. If this was a newbie at the controls, first time to plug, an IP may have grabbed the controls and shoved the nose down to avoid what would likely have been a collision with the tail. "Uniform" change?
That video did not work for me, but I found this one on YouTube (I believe it is the same video).
Those of you not getting to work. I found it on Youtube as well.
Thnaks! Got it on YouTube
22 Nov. @ 17:11. . . This video still available on YouTube. Search "AWACS" Jet Nearly Hits Fuel Tanker Mid-Air". I think many lessons were learned in the air -- and more on the ground -- that day!
Service not available?
Should be okay now, sorry about that.
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How not to fuel an AWACS

Air Force refueler and AWACS aircraft get the surprise of their life.
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Your link is the one currently working. Thanks. The tanker looks like a KC-10. What was the problem in the air? The 135 looked like it was flying a little aggressively. The boom operator has great flexibility in mating with the receiver. It wouldn't be a cross wind, because it seems it would have affected both AC's? Looked like the boomer was quick to react when things went south. A bad deal, whatever the reason. Any discussion? I've been in the tail end of a KC 135 refueling, and in a 130 refueling 53's. It's supposed to be smooth as silk, gentle as a kiss. I'm way out of line mentioning this but did we have an inexperienced 135 driver?
The tanker was a KC-135R. The boom was not a KC-10 type, and the unit designation on the boom is 137 ARW, the 137th Air Refueling Wing. They're based in at Tinker AFB in Olkahoma City flying 135s.
Should be back up now, sorry about that.
It's down again...


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