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Emirates ‘Massive Engine Failure’ in Zambia Jolts Passengers – Report

“…we heard a bang…it was so loud and suddenly the plane started shaking…” An Emirates Airline Airbus A330 suffered a ‘massive engine failure’ Sunday night shortly after taking off from Lusaka Airport in Zambia forcing pilots to return for an emergency landing. The story originally broke on Monday when some Zambia news sources reported that an Emirates flight had crash-landed at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka. Although that report was false, Emirates Airline themselves refuted the… ( 기타...

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Was reading the remarks thread after the report. Once again, reporters interview passengers who have no understanding of the complexities of flying, or engine failure. Not to dismiss the passenger who said "We could die". In her estimate.....yeah. But to the professionals it was an event that was out of the norm of all the flying that goes on in a single day. RR PW and GE go to great lengths when developing engines to ensure that containment is assured should there be a catastrophic failure.
Don't say that...tempting fate. Look up the T972 of Qantas at Changi.
well thats another airbus engine gone bang after the Qantas A380
Airbus doesn't make engines.
i know but its on a airbus so people call it an airbus engine
They choose and fit them...the parts they choose and fit must be fit for the purpose.
Thats another engine on a stinky Airbus aircraft that went....again!
What does the engine have to do with the aircraft???
The manufacturer endorses the product by fitting it.
before its put in to service the company e.g. boeing or airbus puts its logo on the body and engine
it makes it fly in the air


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