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PHOTOS: American Airlines Set to Get a New Livery Soon

American Airline’s first Boeing 777-300ER has shown up at Paine Field, and not many were expecting to see a gray body with a white tail. Where is the polished aluminum? Is this a special livery for the 300ER or is this American moving to a completely new design? It looks like that they are in the process of updating their livery. “It’s no secret by now that AA will be taking delivery of new fleet types in the coming months/years, and that includes composite aircraft,”Andrea Huguely AA… ( 기타...

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I am reading one of the comments and I am just surprised how people criticizes just for the sake of it...we don't have a clue of how the livery will look. At its best we know what color the tail will be and that is because the tail rudder is usually painted with the color that it will have since the beginning of the assembly process. This is mostly done for balance purpose. Let’s give American a chance and let’s waits and hope that they make us all proud, I am sure that they will come out with a distinctive modern new design that we might like or hate but at this point it is too early to begin criticizing
looks like a hybrid US Airways paint scheme to me. The merger must be in the works.
I am not sure I don't think that looks anywhere close to US Airways, which is blue on the belly...if anything maybe frontier. On the other hand I am not sure that they will go for a merger. American enter chapter 11 to renegotiate cost structure, something that united and US airways did before successfully and as of right now looks like they are hiring pilots to retire some of the ones that will be fired or retired and that they successfully have bought some flight attendant so I am not sure that they will merge with US Airways that in perspective have a smaller more complex balance shit even after their restructuring
let's give them a chance, I just read the serious violation of US Airways that flew a 757 jet 916 times after failing to perform required tests and an inspection on an engine repair and the thought of a merger scares me. I am a proud American Airlines passenger and I like the current scheme and I just hope that they come out with something sober and elegant
Mr. Sanchez, before you speak of another carriers maintenance issues, which, in this particular case injured no one, you might want to remember that your beloved American Airlines used a shoddy maintenance shortcut that brought down a DC-10 full of people. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
787 can't be polished and honestly I am not sure about the move of the A320 family. I wouldn't mind a couple of A380 but seriously the A320 family is not by any mean any more comfortable than the 737 which they are also adding so my guess is that eventually they will lease them or sell them making a lot of money since probably they got the planes with a heavy discount... Please, I am not criticizing the Airbus family of planes is that it doesn't make much sense and I understand that AA need to change their 757 and their MD80s but my guess is that given the size of the order it is not going to be for AA...
in addition I know AA is starting soon to operate the A321 to substitute the 767-223 that is currently flying coast to coast...but I think that this is more of a temporary solution given the fact that the 787 won't come until later in 2014
Wonder if American will charge DuPont™ Aviation Finishes Imron® per sector for the weight of the paint?

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that's a good one...definitively it is added to the cost
I hope so!!!
Same story, different ailine. Go bankrupt, change livery, logo and all employee uniforms! I guess a new image will fix all the operational and financial problems mis-management created.
Well if they follow thru with their plan to buy Airbuses, they cant very well polish plastic so they will have to be grey...

Could you polish a 787???
I sure hope a new livery is in the works. The polished aluminum is boring now.
dud1 -3
Not overly impressed. Rather dull & drab in my opinion. The color is similar to & makes them look like military aircraft.

You would hope that someone would be more original and creative at least imaginative or does it reflect the mind set of those in-charges of AA.

This color scheme will make the aircraft harder to see as the blend in well against a cloudy sky background, especially for other pilots whilst in flight and ATC/Tower controllers on approach.
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American Airlines Set to Get a New Livery Soon

American Airlines is gearing up to receive it's first Boeing 777-300ER. But the one for them that showed up at Boeing's Paine Field isn't in their polished aluminum. Instead it's in a new gray body with a white tail. Most likely because of the 787 Dreamliner's composite materials, that wouldn't allow the polished aluminum to be painted on it.


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