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Last flight for ATR-72 by American Eagle out of KMIA

It seems I have taken my last flight in an AE ATR-72 this week. AE has retired it's fleet of ATR-72 aircraft, removing them from line service as of Wednesday 11/14. A frequent equipment type flying out of the KMIA hub to the Bahamas and Caribbean, the roomy high wing turbo prop has been replaced by ERJ's. I learned thiduringig a flight on Tuesday 11/12, from AE crew, and upon my return no ATR's were on the line at KMIA, an unusual sight. While noisy and a bit slower than their… ( More...

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dangrad 2
Ummmm.....I see EGF ATRs still flying:

Perhaps the story is not accurate?

Toby Sharp 2
A BIT slower?!!!!???!?
Look for the ERJ to be replaced by fuel efficient ATR-72's in the next year or so!
Jeff Berger 1
Ugh. They were like flying in a cement mixer without the cement.
NPrevett 1
Still some based at San Juan perhaps?
Jeff Berger 1
They were like flying in a cement mixer without the cement. Ugh.
John Smith -1
I remember when AA pulled it's MD-80 service out and replaced it with the noisy ATRs. The slower aircraft combined with a joke of a bus-to-plane service at DFW turned a 45-minute jet flight into 2 hours of misery. Plus the low service ceiling at 25k ft made the ATR a nightmare during bad weather as the plane could not get above the clouds. It made it an easy choice to walk over to the next gate to fly on a Southwest Airlines 737 and let AMR go bankrupt. Good bye ATRs, stay away!
Terry Gaus 9
Check your memories ... Southwest has never flown out of DFW and walking from DFW to Dallas Love Field is not exactly "the next gate".
oleipelt 0
I remember when one crashed near Chicago, apparently they did horrible in icy weather.
Michael Demura 2
Yeah, I think it was due to the de-icing system being unable to cope with the wing being coated totally with ice.


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