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Helicopter Crashes - Original HD footage

Whist erecting a seven story high structure to be used as a Christmas tree, the helicopters rotor struck a cable causing the aircraft to crash to the ground. ( 기타...

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This is a dupe from last year....but upvoted because it's so incredible.
Thought I had seen this in the past.
Actually it looks as though the guy on the ground jumped up and pulled the cable the helicopter was lowering forcing it to go into the main rotor. Watch this in slow motion and you can see how lucky everyone one and the ride the pilot had on the way down.
linbb 2
No if you look close the cable is pulled into the rotor blades thats what happened look at the NTSB report I think that its out by now since it was on the air a year ago.
Why the "no"? The cable was pulled in when the guy on the ground yanked it, removing any slack that it had, and that put it within reach of the rotors. It's even stated in the video description. You're both right.
Why would the NTSB investigate an accident in New Zealand?
Basically they will assist if it is a US Manufactured plane, or US Citizens on board.
If they are asked to assist, they investigate anywhere in the world, be it a US or foreign aircraft.
Didn't catch that the first time--at around 1:43, you can see a guy (only one NOT in a high viability vest!) jump up and grab the cable causing it to whip into the rotors... Look between middle and guy on the right of the three guys standing still in the center of the shot and you can see him jump...
just one little simple yank of a cable totaled a million dollar aircraft and almost claimed about 6 lives.
Although not flight related, the pilot, after being evacuated from the danger of post crash fire, should have been placed flat on the ground with his head immobilized, not placed in a chair.
The (former) EMT in me was saying that, unless there was a clear risk of fire, they shouldn't have extracted him until help arrived... Even after removing him, placing him in a folding chair (that almost folded up just before he sat down, was not the wisest action (then again, looking at what happened, it is clear that no one was really thinking clearly that day anyway...).
I was thinking the same thing.... At least until medics arrived..
A) they should've used a truck crane (no reason to use a helicopter). B) the lifting cable was way too short to permit, in the event of, project abort and emergency landing. The copter could never safely descend and land, after tower section erected, with the cable slack looping below safely clear of the main rotor. Pilot, who never should've been there, didn't give himself an out. The pilot's life and safety (as for all around) depended on the copter's latch release that wasn't cooperating that day as planned.

For what it is worth, the NTSB DIDN'T investigate. Lots of countries, even small ones like New Zealand, have their own, well-qualified and competent agencies too. The report on this crash can be found on the website of the New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission.
SootBox 1
Amazing that nobody on the ground was killed. Did the pilot end up in the back seat?
Good eye, Ryan. It looked like pilot error to me, at first. The pilot was absolutely on it. The guy on the ground is lucky he didn't kill himself, the pilot, or anyone else.
Yea, pilot ended up in back seat. Looks like he came pretty close to hitting the main rotor on the way down. Lucky guy.
Why was the pilot lowering the helicopter anyway? Pretty risky move... especially still tethered. Was the cable release not working?
Tether wouldn't release...
What a bunch of rookies. Lucky no one was injured.
nobody looked like they were in any hurry to get him out of there.. Looked like one guy went into the break-room to get him a beer...
I wouldn't either hearing that engine spool up like that....stand back until you know it's not gonna pop.
I wonder if a safety briefing with the pilot and ground crewmen prior to the flight may have helped. Seems that the ground crewman was completely clueless about the consequences of his actions, and I would think that a simple preflight briefing would perhaps have made a difference. A helicopter dropping into a construction site and raining down parts is not my idea of a good day. Of course I don't want to be the Monday-morning quarterback but....
WOW, I think he made a major over site in the close quarters of the entire Helicopter. Doesn't look like anyone was severely injured.... But I think the Helicopter has seen better days. Anything is rebuild-able however :)


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