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After the TacoCopter, the Burrito Bomber

A San Francisco-based lab called Darwin Aerospace (which happens to be run by the popular food review site Yelp) has successfully test-launched an automatic delivery service that uses GPS-equipped drone to deliver burritos. ( 기타...

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I can see it now....."Ya...Ima pilot.....who do you work for? Taco Bell!
This was too funny!
UFO - Unidentified Fried Object.
It would be a could tool to have to get food to stranded individuals
we are laughing now but remember the vending machine came to be also....this type of invention is just what us fatty's wonder if it can be fitted with drinks as soon as they come up with a way to deliver pizzas I am ordering a pizza oven; screw
But, what happens if they get to order wrong- how do you take it back?
that's why it's a work in progress
Only a matter of time before they patent the idea and make tons of $$.


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