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Actual ILS CAT IIIB autoland and low vis taxi at MXP - B767

Video from 2011 - Milan - Actual ILS Category 3B autoland at Milan (MXP) and low visibility taxi - B767. ( 기타...

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Excellent! At the beggining of the video i thought that it was descending from 20k feet!
n111ma 5
Now that is some thick pea soup! I once landed at KFRG with very low viz. Fog was so thick that I had to tailgate a Citation for FIDO just to see where I was taxiing. BTW...FIDO is not my pet's an old military abbreviation for(Fog, Intensive Dispersal Of). Over & Out!
nice FIDO effect at 3:30 - 5:30 complements of a Korean Air 747.
Incredible. Interesting how the Korean fellas could see over the top. Makes you wonder how they could see the taxi markings on the ground through that soup.
If Im not mistaken the wide body airplanes have cameras at or by the nose gear to help with taxing
No, at least not on the AA 767s I flew. Centerline lighting is everywhere.
PH Klein 1
Awesome Vid! Loved the 747 clearout. Troubled that ground crew didn't have hand torch to guide them in.
Thoght that was the "Black Pearl" showing up in the fog at 3:40. Great vid!
It certainly isn't unique!! Milano is famous for its fog!
The Lockheed L-1011 Tristar was accomplishing ILS Cat 3A and B landings over 40 years ago.
Both the Vickers VC10 and HS Trident were fitted with an extremely sophisticated autoland system almost 50 years ago! The trident even had a moving map display!
You're right about the moving display. British Airways had one of those installed on their L-1011's. If I remember right, it displayed the actual position of the aircraft on the runway. I thought by now the industry would be using GPS for precision landing and taxiing. I've kind of lost touch since I've retired from Lockheed.
Both the Vickers VC10 and HS Trident were fitted with an extremely sophisticated autoland system almost 50 years ago! The trident even had a moving map display!
Excellent video. iT does show how far removed Atp's are from actual flight
Gordon Bennett! The taxi director didn't have wands!
Looking out the window is too scary. I'd love to see the instruments. Maybe a radar display or perhaps an ACLS/needles gage. Did like the comment about the 747 crew: They are higher than we are, maybe they can see more. (paraphrased)
Amazing technology to get down at all. The taxi was fascinating to watch
Sensacional. Parecia que eu estava na Carlinga do Avião. A visibilidade entre as nuvens e abaixo delas era pouca, mas me parece suficiente para pilotos experimentados. A aterissagem foi muito suave. Lindo.
That's another thing to like about FA- international commentary.
And thanks to Google translate: Sensational. It seemed I was in the pulpit. The visibility of the clouds and beneath them was little, but I think enough experienced pilots.
It's amazing how well CAT IIIB works just like the simulator. The wind normally has to be zero to provide such weather conditions. For lack of better terminology, they are "quiet" approaches. I've made several in 767s at Zurich among other places.
This has been squawked before. Still love watching it though.
All I can say is you'd better be right. One wrong turn and you're lost - or worse. Amazing.
just A typical day for Malpensa!! Throughout the Autumn, Winter and Spring an almost daily event!


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