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FAA Extends Tower Closure Date until June 15

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced today that it will delay the closures of all 149 federal contract air traffic control towers until June 15. Last month, the FAA announced it would eliminate funding for these towers as part of the agency’s required $637 million budget cuts under sequestration. This additional time will allow the agency to attempt to resolve multiple legal challenges to the closure decisions. ( 기타...

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Or maybe they're realizing that ain't nobody buying this "budget cut" story. Ya think?
grahbag 4
More political grandstanding! That's all this "sequestration" nonsense is!!
Shouldn't this have gone out 5 days ago? Or maybe it would have been the appropriate time for the initial notice.
Phased in or all at once, no difference as a tower is still closed and people out of work. The lawsuits may have some merit, BUT, as it has opened everybody's eyes, they probably should tighten up and take a serious look at the very low use towers, AND they probably will. If they do we should not be surprised. This whole sequestration thing has just been a shock treatment by Congress to let them all know that the teat does not havae and endless supplu of milk(money). Probably over the next few months they will have to get serious about it.
canuck44 0
One thing the FAA does not want is a series of plaintiffs serving them with subpoenas for documents and testimony...particularly between the Administration and the Unions. Until then the shredders will work overtime and documents marked "Double Secret Probation". The most "unreliable" FAA career types will find themselves manning the tower in Kabul and unable to return...just like Fast and Furious.
The last 4 1/2 years have been interesting and uncompromising, lets see what happens for the next 3 1/2 years....I'm really getting tired of all the games....
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F.A.A. Delays Closings of Airport Towers Forced by Cuts

LEESBURG, Va. — The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that it would delay closing control towers at 149 airports until June to allow for safety analyses and “to attempt to resolve multiple legal challenges.”
Sequestration? Does it really have to possibly compromise safety in the air? Closing of air traffic control towers? What is the matter with Congress and budgetary cuts..???? What does this mean for all the air traffic? Possibly flying blind? This would make me feel really comfortable and safe...NOT.....I fly frequently and this is beyond stupid....Does this mean that all the other towers would have to "double up" on air traffic flow? Maybe I am reading this wrong about the closures....but is the first thing that comes to mind.
They tried a meat axe approach rather than a scalpel. Took out the contract towers as a block as they were handy. Then they backed up and took a bunch of those off the original list. Now they have put off the implentation until June because of some lawsuits. There probably are some little used GA field type towers that could be closed but there is also commercial service into some non towered fields at present. There are procedures for pilots to follow for no towered airports.
Sequestration Sequestrashmation
I'll probably get nailed by this but it's called "Obamanation".
Let 'em bring it on Dee, and they can get both of us. I'll say an AMEN to that. The candy store doore has been shut and they are acting like spoiled brats.
Even better, Joel! Why didn't I think of that one?
Either one is an apt description.LOL
You reassures me that we are on the same page! Maybe if Congress would stop paying themselves with these "raises", this wouldn't be happening! Yes! The so called "public servants", representing the people, create their own pay raises. And we the people are paying them to do what?
What else is noticable or they just haven't read it yet is that we haven't been flamed so far. Is somebody else not liking it either?LOL
So, where did they find the money to keep the towers. Open another two months? I thought the FAA didn't have any?
Simple, the FED just cranked out the printing press?
simply amazin', ain't it.LOL
Our government has finally noticed this wasn't legal! (Contracts were not over and have to be sorted out)

Our government isn't as useless as we all think
Wanna bet.
cpollock27 -1
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Tower closures suspended

Contract tower closures have been suspended until June 15.


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