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(Video) Houston's Soaring Innovator (FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker CNBC Interview)

FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker discusses Houston's hot economy, and how his company is earning profits. FlightAware provides flight tracking in 45 countries. ( 기타...

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2 million FlightAware users - wow - and only 600,000 US pilots.
Does that mean that the majority of FlightAware users are not pilots?
I wish you continued success :-)
You're right; the majority of FlightAware users aren't pilots. However, about half of our users are using the site for general aviation or aircraft operations, as opposed to folks using it for airline flight status.
And a segment of business flyers.
Congratulations, Daniel. This reflects well on Houston and on the great FlightAware team!
Congrats D.B.!
Thanks to everyone for their continued support! We love what we do and it is terrific that you all enjoy the result.
Nice interview. Your comments reflect well on Houston! Thanks for the great app!
Very nice interview Daniel and it is amazing to see how far FlightAware has come along. Nice to finally meet you as well.
NICE! Good people doing good work deserve recognition.
There he goes. He's famous now!
fabere 1
Well done Daniel! I've been with you guys since 2007 and have used you for weather tracking, flight planning, and various other resources. You guys are doing it right - and are no doubt proud of what you do! We are, to be sure! Thanks again!
Good interview. Good appearance DB. What was the soundman thinking selecting that microphone?

I think only the asile of a pullman train could have been quieter.
Great interview. Maybe could have picked a quieter place. But still good interview.
Congratulations,Daniel. Flightaware is brilliant, look forward to going on this site every week,thank you very very much for this service.
Congratulations. I look forward to this site on a weekly basis. Thank you.
AWAAlum 1
I'm one of the majority - one of those non-pilots, but love aviation and worked in the industry. Thrilled that I stumbled across your website Mr Baker and am pleased when I see an entrepreneur make a go of it. Kudos to you and your colleagues, keep up the good work. I love when I see an email in my mailbox from FA.
Sure is a great service. It is a tool I use to plan commercial travel as well as track family as they travel.
Congratulations and thank you Daniel.
Gordon (flyitfast)
The weather data and real time graphics are valuable too, especially when explaining delays/Go Flow to people who do not understand how weather affects traffic and airports. Show them the FlightAware and the commentary for airport delays and they "see the light" and calm down.
Thanks Elizabeth.
You are so right and it does help travel understanding . There is a ton of info. I like the history, pictures, flight planning info with terminal charts and plates that make up resources for pilots. Found some good restaurants too!
Keep it up Flightaware.
Travel out of DFW almost guarantees delays/cancellations and FlightAware often has delay information before the airlines. The best part is Mr. Baker and team continually update and improve the site.
I too thought flightaware where pilots, instead , safe flights to all the aviation professionals.


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