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Qatar Offers to Serve as ICAO Permanent Seat

Qatar has offered to serve as headquarters for the ICAO during discussions with Canada about lease coverage talks. ( More...

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Rashid Nazir 1
And you think that Qatar wouldn't meet these requirements?
Mark Segal 1
I didn't say that, because I don't enough about Qatar to make such judgments. It's a general comment for any such application and I hope upon analysis by those qualified and in a position to make these findings that they could find positively - there's no reason to confine location to one place forever. But in our world today, all I'm saying is these decisions cannot be taken without regard to such circumstances wherever.
bettiem 1
Why did Qatar offer for it?
What is the advantage to ICAO of it moving from Montreal?
What is the disadvantage to ICAO of it staying in Montreal?
Is it perhaps just a vanity thing for Qatar; simply a trophy to be bought?
This is supposedly in retaliation for Canada's current stance on Palestine vs Israel.
Mark Segal 0
There's no question the rules of ICAO require the application to be considered. That said, in general principle I think certain selection criteria are needed given the international character of bodies such as ICAO. Specifically, I would disqualify religious theocracies and countries with laws that are heavily tainted with religious strictures, failed states or heavily security-impaired states where security cannot be reasonably assured, and countries where infrastructure (telecoms, water, transport, housing, breathable air, etc.) simply can't support the needs of such organizations.


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