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Emirates plans to replace 777s with new Boeing model

Dubai airline Emirates plans to replace "a large chunk" of its Boeing 777 aircraft with a new model launched by the planemaker, Emirates' President Tim Clark said on Monday. Boeing announced earlier in May that it had begun selling an upgraded aircraft family code-named 777X, launching a race against Airbus for sales of long-haul jets. Fast-growing Gulf carriers are expected to be the first and biggest customers for Boeing's latest offering. "I'm looking to replace… ( 기타...

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Pileits 6
No matter what model or version I found the 777 a wonderful airplane to fly for almost 3 years. Boeing built a REAL winner here.
Any airline that buys a 777 has made an excellent choice.
I just read in the Wall Street Journal that the wings will be a composite design similar to the 787. Many US locations getting in line to bid for the plant.
If it has the reliability and great reputation of the 777 Aircraft family.It will be number one.The airlines and passengers love them!!!
I had the best experience by flying the Emirates, their service and state of the art aircrafts are the best on the air this days,a pleasure to fly with them.
Boeing better get cracking on the details of what they are planning. They haven't even approved the program yet, much less anything else. I wonder what they would improve/focus on - more carbon fiber? engines? capacity? range?
The flight deck will be similar to the 787 layout, upgraded engines and interiors will be updated as well. Most of the ideas will be derived from the 787. The skin/airframe will remain the same.
777 is a great plane!
I just flew American's new 777-300ER from Heathrow to JFK and its quite an aircraft. The 777 is my all time favorite aircraft as I have flown the 777-200ER on many 14 hour flights.
Not been in an A380 yet then........
I have been on an A380 several times and 777-300ER many more and prefer the Boeing built 777 Airplane.
I'm astonished by that, I have flown on both quite a few times. The A380 is quieter, more comfortable, roomier, better air con, better technology, better entertainment and considerably better in lumpy air. Only real downside is slower loading/disembarking but it really is not an issue.
The A350 is definitely NOT a 777 replacement. They would replace the A330s and older A340-300s

And no they're not funded by the government. They give the government money every year. Not receive it
I think the 350 will replace both, a fair few 777's are older than the A330's but the 340's are still less than 10yrs old. A lot of 777 are 17years old. The 350 is closer to the size of a 777 with 350 seats in 3 class plane.
I'm with Ric Wernicke. The Emirates have enough money to do whatever they want. The planes they trade are like new. Good bargain. Pilots are paid well too.
This will be a big deal. I notice that the board of directors, not management, gave the OK to start selling the model. Improved engines will extend range, and while the skin will probably remain aluminum a lot of interior parts will become carbon fiber.

The Emirates have plenty to invest in new machinery. The country is a member of a cartel that takes a product from the ground for four dollars and demands $95 from consumers who take it by the tanker load.
amahran 1
Well to be fair, they're funded by the Dubai government, which gains its income from tourism rather than oil. It's the emirate of Abu Dhabi that exports the oil the UAE gets.
They are not funded by the UAE government now, they are the leading airline in the world. this is a link to annual report

They also have 70 A350-900/1000 on order with options on another 20, so a large chunk of the 777 fleet will be replaced by them. Continuing expansion will mean a diverse fleet but they way I see it, Boeing have got to make the new 777 quieter, hence the new model with better improved engines to stay competitive.
amahran 1
Oh, whoops, I forgot to mention in my original post "IF they were really funded by the government, it'd be the Dubai government, which gains its income (...)"
I just woke up when I posted that...


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