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Allegiant Air: The Tardy, Gas-Guzzling, Most Profitable Airline in America

Allegiant's Airplanes Guzzle Gas and Are Often Tardy; But Its Strategy Is Working ( More...

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Chris Donawho 5
Thanks Andrew for posting a good link. I laugh when I pull up stories from WSJ and they actually think I am going to pay to read it....LMAO

Flightaware shouldn't allow squawks with links to pay sites.
Chris Donawho 2
Especially when YAHOO is reposting the story for free....
ToddBaldwin3 1
I really have to agree. Don't post stories that can't be read in their entireity by all readers.
preacher1 4
Can't read the story as it is WSJ but you get what you pay for.
btweston -2
In this case you're paying for right-wing propaganda. The Journal was once a pretty good paper but, alas, they just had to get bought by Uncle Rupert's News Mart.

At least Fox News is free, pretty much.
Andrew Duncan 2
Cactus732 2
They may be Gas guzzling now, but they are moving toward a more efficient fleet with the introduction of A319s and 757s. Also, their fleet cannot be that much more inefficient than American's which incorporates many of the same MD-82/83 series aircraft that Allegiant are flying.
s2v8377 1
Delta's fleet is far less fuel efficient than American's. Delta operates DC-9-50's, MD88's, MD90's, original A320's, as well as many older B752's, many of which are older than AA's.

American is currently operating a much smaller MD80 fleet (mostly MD83's), which are relegated to short-hall domestic services out of DFW and ORD. This allows them to avoid the higher operating costs of the MD80's on longer routes.
preacher1 2
In another post on FA New squawks this morning, there is a story about Boeing/PanAm's first clipper and trans pacific flight. I can guarantee you back in that day and time, that those flights weren't cheap. We all want cheap and fast transportation these days, and if we get reliability thrown it, it is a plus. You go greyhound for the cheap and the aircraft for the speed. You can't really have it both ways, although lots of folks seem to think they should, BUT, an MD 80 costs a little more to operate than the hound.
I was just noting last night the number of flights to Plattsburgh, NY (Montreal's American airport). The 757's are a daily fixture on the flights from Plattsburgh to Vegas. Bellingham, WA is the other terminal that has multiple flights daily, sometimes competing with dominant carriers such as Alaska.

People can laugh all they wish, Allegiant is making money.
Bill Osborne 1
Not for the business traveller it seems!!
Well Delta and AA would launch them all in a second if they could, great airplanes but almost out of time ...:(
s2v8377 1
I hear you on that. It wasn't that long ago that the MD80's were taking over for the 727's!!!
James Duggan 1
Allegiant may be tardy, gas guzzling, and profitable... but it gets me where I need to go with minimal effort on my part. Its a lot easier going through KSFB than it is KMCO, and since KSFB is an Allegiant hub, it makes it a lot easier to get to places like PHNL.
Brian Bishop 1
I've flown them from KGSP to several cities in Fla on business and pleasure. Just have to allow for possible delays, but in my experience they aren't any worse than anybody else. And I can go for 1/3 the cost without connecting, as long as I'm staying a few days anyway. Even since SWA came to town they're still way cheaper most days.
Good for them. Seems like the old md-80 birds still profitable, just ask A/A and Delta
I work for a contractor that workd for Allegiant. It's amazing how full the planes are almost all the time.
oowmmr 1
The parking lot at KSCK is always packed since Allegiant started flying from there. I saw a Sun Country last week and wondered about competition but don't see KSCK at their website...a diverted flight??
Ben Deneweth 1
The sun country flight was likely a casino charter.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Ben Deneweth 1
Allegiant management is actually the lowest paid in the industry.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Brian Bishop 2
Get over it Phil. Management gets paid better because they're "Management"!
preacher1 1
Now Phil, he didn't say they were dirt poor. He just said they were at the bottom of the heap as far as other Airline management went.LOL
trevor caruso 1
I believe they have their MD-80's maintained in Tulsa by American Airlines. That may have changed by now, however
preacher1 1
I believe that is still the case. Tulsa is, among other things, home of the mad dogs as far as maintenance and rebuild goes. That is what has kept AA's fleet going. Several years back they set them up as an independent type cost center and it not only saved AA $ but they took on SOME outside work. As the MD's retire they are taking on other AA AC as well. Personally, that Tulsa bunch has went unheralded but they will give DAL Tech OPS a run for their money.
Valuejet was was doing ok until they went alligator hunting. We'll know about maintenance if they crash.
PhotoFinish 1
That's the beauty of having American do the maintenance. If there is an incident (or when), American's brand helps carry them through the episode and takes part of the hit for the incident.

Makes any potential incident less airline specific and more general industry related. You can call it a Teflon move.


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