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Asiana Plane Crash: Video Animation Details Chilling Crash Landing

A former pilot has created an animation that depicts exactly what happened on Saturday when Asiana Airlines flight 214 crashed at San Francisco International Airport, killing two and wounding 180 others. ( 기타...

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Looks like they came in too low and slow, realized their error and over corrected. It's frightening to see the 'plane spin around and backwards up in the air. I've seen the same thing happen in high speed car races.
You've seen race cars come in too low and slow and over-correct?
Praiseworthy and good explanatory VDOs . Will go a long way to help prosecutors to make the judiciary understand and appreciate the data that will become available in due course. And nail the pilots and the Airline beyond reasonable doubt as required under criminal law.
Not that. I was referring to the way the plane turned around and went airborne.


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