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Airbus Wins First Order From Japan Air in Blow to Boeing

Airbus SAS (EAD) won its first order from Japan Airlines Co. (9201), securing a commitment for as many as 56 wide-body planes in a market that Boeing Co. (BA) has almost monopolized for decades. The order consists of 18 A350-900 aircraft and 13 larger A350-1000s, Airbus Chief Executive Officer Fabrice Bregier said on a conference call today. The firm commitment has a value of $9.5 billion at list price, while customers typically secure rebates. Japan Air has an option to purchase 25 more. ( 기타...

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Anyone know how many lady pilots Japan has?
They may have women pilots, but I guarantee they are no longer ladies!
What are you up to, naughty fellow, Roland Dent ?
We think along the same lines Mr Mittal.
Bettya they got 30% discount and lifetime warranties.
JAL who once ruled the skies as far as Japan was concerned forgot their culture. They stood still as far as service and amenities, in-flight comfort, menus, and schedules. Other airlines soared above them, while management made cuts in everything visible to passengers.

They can no longer afford to front a fleet of profitable aircraft. They need the steep discounts from list prices, operations and service compensation, and no payments for five years (courtesy of European taxpayers.)

JAL will discover they will need to raise fares to operate their fleet. This will plunge them even deeper into debt. The chairman will be able to meet with Vijay Mallya (Kingfisher Air) in Singapore and reminisce "when we were King."

Boeing cannot offer those incentives because America is not a socialist country. Well, except The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama care) which demands all residents pay for a product they may not want.

This is not a blow in any sense of the word for Boeing. They will simply sell more planes to the airlines that will fill in for what once was JAL's.
Obamacare was the only comparison??? If that guy died tomorrow, who'd be the new whipping boy???

Brevity is the essence of wit and humor. It was not meant to be taken seriously.

Ahh I see
All of the above may be true.

But they had been loyal Boeing customers for many years. They were a launch carrier for the 787, with the fourth largest overall 787 order. They also have taken delivery of 11 787s, which is second only to ANA.

I can't say that Boeing is blameless. The grounding of the 787 earlier in the year was very disruptive to airlines who were already flying them, particularly launch customers like JAL and ANA that had so many 787s in operation.

You may see more airlines divide their orders, particularly with all the new planes in the pipeline from both makers. Having more types in their fleets mitigates the risk that an airline's schedule is destroyed by any similar issue in the future. Also allows airlines to play one manufacturer against the other to try to negotiate the best pricing.

Having 2 major competitors, competing hard for customers makes everyone's planes better.
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Japan Airlines Places Historic Order for Airbus 31 A350 XWBs: JAL’s First Airbus Order

Airbus and Japan Airlines announced a blockbuster order this morning at a press conference in Tokyo a landmark order for 31 Airbus A350 XWBs (18 A350-900s and 13 A350-1000s) plus options for a further 25 aircraft. The first of the aircraft, used to partially replace aging 777s will enter service in 2019. With list prices before discounts at a combined value of over $9.5, this is a massive blow to Boeing both financially and symbolically. In modern times, U.S. airframers particularly Boeing and before that McDonnell-Douglas and Lockheed have nearly monopolized the Japanese market. Airbus has never penetrated mainline JAL or ANA with a new order, particularly for long-haul twin-aisle aircraft.
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JAL, Airbus Announce Landmark $10 Billion Order for 31 A350 Jets

Japan Airlines announced that it has signed a purchase agreement for 31 A350 XWB aircraft. The order consists of 18 A350-900s and 13 A350-1000s, plus options for an additional 25 aircraft. Airbus plans to begin to deliver the new aircraft, which is intended to compete with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, to customers starting in 2014.
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Japan Airlines orders Airbus Jets for first time

TOKYO — Airbus announced a $9.5 billion order from Japan Airlines on Monday, the European aircraft builder’s biggest breakthrough in Japan, which is one of the last redoubts of dominance by Boeing.
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Asian battle for widebody dominance just got more intense with the Airbus A350 order from JAL

The Asian battle for widebody jet market dominance waged by Airbus and Boeing just got more intense, with the Airbus securing of its first historic A350 jet order from Japan Airlines on Monday Oct. 7, breaking open the last major aviation market dominated by Boeing for decades. Airbus and Boeing have been competing for orders in the lucrative ‘mini-jumbo’ sector for aircraft between 300 and 400 seats for a while now. The recent launch of the A330-300 Regional a few weeks ago by Airbus already heated up the competition between its A330 and A350 against Boeing’s 787-10 and 777X.


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