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Passenger lands plane at Humberside Airport after pilot falls ill

A passenger landed a light aircraft safely at Humberside Airport this evening after its pilot was taken ill at the controls. The passenger, who has had some flying experience, but is believed to have never landed a plane before, was given instructions by air traffic control on landing. ( 기타...

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Luckily for him it was not a taildragger.......
more details here too...
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Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill

Maybe not the most informative article but still always good to hear of "on the job" training by 2 professionals.
Really, it is wonderfull
The pilot died
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Passenger lands aircraft after the Pilot is incapacitated.

I listened to the Flight Instructor on a radio interview the following day. A calm and professional approach to a very scary situation. A wonderful outcome but thoughts and prayers go to the unfortunate pilot's family.
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Man With No Flying Experience Lands Plane After Pilot Gets Sick

Flying in a small plane can be terrifying for the uninitiated. You know what's even more terrifying? When the pilot of such a plane becomes sick and you have to land it yourself, even though you don't know how. In fact, I can think of few things that are scarier than that.
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Passenger lands small plane safely

Small plane landed safely by passenger with no flying experience. Photos and video on this link.
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Passenger lands plane after pilot falls ill

London (CNN) -- The small Cessna plane glided over eastern England on Tuesday evening with exactly two people on board: the pilot and a passenger.


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