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United Express flight diverted due to security threat

United Express flight diverted due to "threat". SFO-SAT flight diverted to PHX. ( 기타...

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This appears to be SkyWest 5573
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Already posted
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Please stop blindly posting every atricle from Air Guide Online
How much are they paying you?
I can visit that site if I wish.

This was already posted over 12 hours before you posted this duplicate. If you sort by newest articles your squawk is only 5 later than the orgional. it is even on the same page when displayed.
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Skywest flight diverted to Phoenix for "security threat"

The flight departed San Francisco and was scheduled to arrive at San Antonio.
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SkyWest flight from San Francisco to San Antonio was diverted to Phoenix after an undisclosed threat

A United Airlines commuter flight operated by SkyWest carrying 47 people from San Francisco to San Antonio was diverted to Phoenix on Thursday Oct. 31 after an undisclosed threat was made against the aircraft, authorities said.


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