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Total Solar Eclipse 2013

Total Solar Eclipse of November 3, 2013, as seen from 43,000 feet over the Atlantic aboard a 12-person Falcon 900B jet chartered from Bermuda. ( 기타...

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Carly Simon sang about this decades ago in "Your So Vain." I wonder if she was invited along?
Classic song reference, Ric. Well done. Bonus points for anyone with a good memory for lyrics.
Except the destination was Nova Scotia, and it was a Lear. There's no accounting for the miscellaneous things I remember (and the important stuff I forget).
ilikerio 1
I bet 90% of people my age don't know that song. I'm 14. :D
Dear friend, ilikerio, I am 68 and I too do not know that song.
Is this what we call being in 'second childhood' ?
P.S -
Did a small search on Youtube. Check this 1972 version.
I have improved my category.
And if you like, you too can join the 10% of your clan !
ilikerio 1
Lol, ok! :D
If you saw the album cover, you'd remember.

I know it was a Lear, I think the Falcon was a dozen years in the future.
That particular model of Falcon was.
Without meaning to be sexist or dirty , she looks soooooo hot !
My(our) contemporary !
Thanx my friend Ric Wernicke.
I was in high school when that song same out and if I remember correctly, that album cover of Carly Simon, she's not wearing a bra.
no bra ! very wicked, you dirty fellow !
It was cold outside, and she had the high beams on.
PH Klein 1
You get an "A" for effort on this one! Great pic of the cloud layer and wind even without the eclipse "diamond ring"
Dear friend Bob Ziehm, thanX a ton for the wonderful pics.
It was not visible in India. And during the precise period of eclipse, beginning to end, about 3.30 pm to 9 pm appx. Indian time , we in India were busy in preparing and to celebrate Diwali a very major Hindu festival, a festival of lights.
From astronomical point of view it was claimed to be a spectacular happening. A partial and annular as well as total Solar eclipse ! All in one.
ThanX again.
Gorgeous and spectacular pics....
Complimenti !!!!
very cool!!
One of the few events that - if you're in the right place with good weather - seems to look the same every time. Better from a plane.
Thank you very much. When an eclipse is seen in Africa there are many myths, depending on what you want to believe, to include the following:
1. One of the kings around the world, is passing on (dying). Some famous people have passed with the observation.
2. There is going to be a lot of rain. Africans always hope for the best rains.
3. If there has been drought, the eclipse signifies the end of the difficult undesirable period.
I live in Libreville so I was able to see and photograph the whole event.
For all the Carly Simon referencers and total eclipse(es)...I was in North Dakota to see the same eclipse she went to see in Nova Scotia. Once you've seen one, you want to see another. Kinda like "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
What an astonishing photograph. Most of us mere mortals will never be able to experience this fantastic phenomenon so to see it is an experience in itself.
out frigging standing indeed
Ditto, Vincent!
Amazing photographs
Totally cool. I want to do this one day.


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