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Florida pilot reports passenger fell into ocean

...a pilot reported to the Federal Aviation Administration that a passenger fell out of his small plane into the ocean. ( 기타...

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Here we go...ATC audio:
Great corroboration dear friend Elizabeth Robillard, Am I right to assume that the video shots are from a camera on the chopper from which the passenger fell off ?
And clearly the chopper is well over water !
Seems the craft was NOT a chopper but a turbo prop Piper PA-46.
So my remaining assumption may also be questionable !
Correction sought ! Any takers ?
Looks actually to be the piston powered version, from the picture anyhow.
Dear friends THRUSTT and Zachary Colescott, thanX for TRYING to educate me. But it wasn't all that good. Why ?

1. Turboprop is also a turbine engine .

2. Piper PA-46 is a turboprop aircraft !

All this from google search. I had to do it because I knew from my engineering college days that turboprop is short form of turbine propelled or turbine propeller engines. And hence to Q to aviators for quick help.
Yes, I will still be willing to learn more on it . No doubt !
MHCO (my half cent opinion)
The Piper Malibu comes in three common versions: the Matrix--which is an unpressurized piston-engine version, the Mirage--which is a pressurized piston version, and the Meridian--which is a pressurized turboprop. They all can be classified under PA-46 (The Meridian is usually classified as P46T in order to specify that it is a turboprop). The aircraft involved in this incident was a Piper Malibu Mirage. I'm not an absolute authority on this, but I hope what I've said helps. :)
ThanX my friend Ben Lillie, for a guy like me, at level 0.00, even learning 0.001 is a gain.
Hey, I'm probably only at level 2.03 lol. There's a great saying in aviation: "A good pilot is always learning." I think that can be applied to any situation in life.
2.03 !
Hellava long way for me to go, impossible in this life time for me !
PA-46T would be the turbine, a Meridian.
The footage was probably from a news chopper.
Passenger fell from the aircraft about eight miles southeast of Tamiami Airport, about one mile offshore at around 1:30 p.m The plane flew on to Tamiami Airport and landed safely, the FAA said. In the mayday call to air traffic controllers posted on the website, the pilot said: "I have a door ajar, and a passenger that fell down. I am six miles from Tamiami." A little later in the exchange, the air traffic controller asks: "So you said you had a passenger who fell out of your plane?" That is correct, sir. He opened the back door, and he just fall down the plane," the pilot said.
I once owned a B58 Baron which had a front passenger - it popped open in flight. I can tell you that it trailed about 4" open and was virtually impossible to close in flight, even at stall speed with a slip to the right. Conversely it was also virtually impossible to open into the wind stream.

My best guess is that this had to be an intentional act.
bbabis 2
Lots of PA-46 versions. The picture looks like a piston version which could be either pressurized or not. If pressurized, the door can not be easily opened. The door also has a top and bottom half that have independent latches that must be operated to open with the top one being first. You cannot really accidentally fall out. You would have to make the conscience effort to either fit yourself through the top half of the door or take the further step of opening the bottom half to jump out. At 2000' even a pressurized version wouldn't have enough differential to blow you out if either door latch failed. Bottom line, suicide, homicide, or made up story.
I guess if you drink enough Malibu, you could fall out of one...
It is either George Bush's fault or that Evil Marijuana
Would be interesting ATC audio. I read the initial report was an "open door" and on a second call he declared an emergency and stated someone fell out of the plane.
don't understand, I own an airplane with the same door configuration and there is no "ajar" it is either open or closed and if the guy fell than it was open. It also seems like his call to atc was not obscured by wind noise as would be expected. I think the may day call should have focused on the guy that "fell" and not the door "ajar" open. I question if the passenger was ever on board.
Those kinds of details can be analyzed through forensic autopsy of body and observation of plane on approach/landing.

If he truly wanted to get rid of the passenger/body, he could've easily gone a few miles further out into the ocean and dropped him into shark infested waters. But you'd need a second person/ autopilot. You wouldn't want to be in an urban waterfront area between the mainland and a barrier island all built up with highrises, where the incident could bd captured on any number of high def cameras.
“He opened the back door and he just fall down the plane,” the pilot said, according a recording of his conversation with air traffic controllers.

The pilot reported that he was flying at 1,800 feet six miles from Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport when the man fell on Thursday afternoon, officials said.
Questions????? Air pressure against the door? Seat Belt? Tail Number? Where did the pilot land? Interview of the pilot? There is so much missing in this report.
Alt 1800 ft
PA46 doors open up and down, so air pressure really isn't a factor. Seat belts can be unbuckled. Tail number ended in 4LD. Pilot landed at KTMB. Interviews are being conducted. I think I researched and found those answers faster than it took you to ask them...
"faster than it took you to ask them..." Really Muskateer1?
I was just trying to make a reality it was about 3 minutes with google after reading the article.
Musketeer1 I get it...drop the 'm' after them, add a space and add the word questions. Ha...sorry about that Elizabeth.
Body found in mangrove presumed to be that of passenger who fell from plane...not out at sea. Hmmmm?
He was presumed to have fallen in Biscayne Bay. Depending on the tide, he would've floated in to the mangroves or out to the sea.
Any news about the fallen angel ?
One other tidbit!!! Tamiami is more then 6nm inland!!!!!
Just my $.02
Eight miles southeast of Tamiami Airport, about one mile offshore.
That makes more sense.
Uhhhhhh........ SOOOOOOO crazy I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest 'cover up' for an 'intentional act'?

Evidence would be well ruined (if found) but you'd make yourself forever venerable to police scrutiny.

Or a nutty 'prank call'???? Dumb cuz you're busted.

Who knows? (Yet)
Or perhaps a repeat of what happened in So. California on a helicopter tour of the LA beaches. Passenger jumped.
Uggggh......That's a terrible way to off yourself leaving that 'shock memory' with the pilot!
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'Passenger just fell' from plane

Authorities in Florida are searching for a passenger who reportedly opened the rear door of a Piper PA-46 and jumped out on Thursday afternoon.
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Police identify passenger who fell from plane near Miami

Police on Friday identified the name of a 42-year-old man who jumped or fell from a small-single engine plane at 2,000 feet as the pilot was approaching a Miami area airport, but authorities have not recovered his body.

The victim was identified as Gerardo Nales of Key Biscayne, Fla.
Eric Davis -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Passenger falls out of plane.

"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! I have a door ajar and I'm heading toward Tamiami," the pilot told air traffic control. "I have a door ajar and a passenger that fell down..."


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