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(Video) Oregon Christmas Tree Harvest With Helicopter

Christmas Tree harvesting at Noble Mountain Christmas Tree Farm in Oregon. Pilot Dan Clark flying a Northwest Helicopters, LLC 206B3 Jetranger November of 2008. ( 기타...

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Looking like he got paid by the load and not by the hour.
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Here is a video from inside (it may be from a different place thou)
Different year, different wx, different view, same WOW factor. Thanks for posting
Interesting view point.... Those guys have an interesting job.
WOW... That sure is faster than carrying them out by hand.. :) That is just amazing how fast he could connect and disconnect. The way the tree was swinging out at the drop of I do not see how he maintained weight and balance.
This seemed to be one take without clipping snippets. Fast work on the ground hooking up the bundles. Does the weather look a little iffy?
Yeah but they have flown in worse than that. Them trees gotta go, and what is better is to watch them work at nite if wx is OK. They will go 24/7 from about mid November till about 15 Dec.
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Harvesting trees in Oregon for Christmas

Someone has posted the ground view of a helicopter sling loading Christmas trees back and forth between the harvest site and the truck - here is the aerial view


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