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Lockheed Vega Flies Again

A Lockheed Vega takes to the air for the first time in 30 years... ( 기타...

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Is this the only Vega in flying condition?
Currently, yes.
There are a couple more being restored.
Thanks for sharing. Nice to see the old girl back where she belongs.
I love it when an old bird gets another chance to fly. Well done to those involved in her restoration.
I remember Amelia, but Wiley Post flew it too. As this one is painted in U.S.Army colors, I wonder of it's history. Bless you for this labor of love.
C/N161 was delivered in Mar. 1933.
It went through a host of owners starting with John Morrell & Co., Iowa, Braniff Airways, Oklahoma City, OK, Lloyd Earl, Fort Worth, TX., Fort Const. Co. Texas, Texas & Northern Airways, Sioux City Iowa, Whitehorse Div. used as a pers. transport during the ALCAN Hwy, Northern Air Service, Fairbanks, AK, Northern Consolidated Airlines, Fairbanks, AK, Marvin Greenlee, AK & CA, Mint Aviation, ?, Jack Lowe & Robt. L. Taylor, Iowa, Tom A. Thomas, Mid America Air Group, Ohio, then on to ?
I guess the current owner.

(Info from Revolution in the Sky, Richard Sanders Allen, Orion Books, 1988)
I really don't know what Jerry Rader is referring to here. Perhaps if he had done a supcon of research before yawping he would have learned that my Vega was built with a metal fuselage. Like my mother said, "there will always be someone there to point out how you could have done it better."
I already corrected myself a month ago. I guess you don't read all of the comments.
I had the Lindberg plastic model kit of this plane as a kid. Nice to see someone is restoring a real one :)
This is impressive, however; it would have been even more impressive if it was a true restoration of the original which would have included an all wood fuselage. Can't tell if the wings are wood or metal but they were wood on the original airplane. To fabricate the wood fuselage would have been extremely difficult and it is understandable why it was not done. Good job!
It was one of nine metal fuselage Vega's built, at least according to this:
Yes! Now on further research, the model series DL-1 airplanes had metal fuselages designed and built by Detroit Aircraft and shipped to Lockheed in California where they were mated to all of the other Vega parts including the engine, wooden wings and empennage parts and the interior/cockpit. Most of these airplanes were built under a standard type approval with only two of them certificated under the Group 2 classification. Thank you James.
Nice looking plane... glad to see it restored.
John Magoffin spent 3 years restoring this magnificent ol' bird at KAVQ near Tucson. John is a GREAT guy and an excellent pilot. He owns several airplanes and flies the B-17 Sentimental Journey when he's not occupying the left front seat of an A-320.


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